Matt Lauer on Al Roker Shenanigans, Today Show Ratings: No Worries!

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Matt Lauer may have signed an 11-figure deal to remain lead anchor on The Today Show earlier this summer, but it's been anything but smooth sailing for the reporter since.

Many blame Lauer for the Ann Curry mess. The program is now regular destroyed by Good Morning America in the ratings. Al Roker appears to be poking fun at his coworkers on a regular basis.

And, yesterday, Today chose to air an interview with Kris Jenner instead of observing a 9/11-based moment of silence.

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Where is Lauer's head these days as a result of such developments?

He tells TMZ that there's no beef with Roker and, sure, there's pressure for the show to succeed. But no more than usual

"We feel the heat every day," Lauer says. "But we have for the last 20 years that I've been there. We're just trying to do the best show we can do every single day ... and I think we're doing a good job right now ... and I think the cycle will reverse."

Are you still watching The Today Show?


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The Today show still maintains class, balance and interest.Talented host's are human to and after year's of hard work, change's will need to happen from time to time. Matt Lauer is a talented interviewer and a good businessman or he wouldn't make the money he does. Savannah, has youth and lift's Lauer's personality,Ann could never do that. Ann, is a beautiful, soft spoken reporter and will alway's have a place in the field. I will never stop watching Ann and I do miss her. Lb.Greenville S>C>


I haven't watched the Today Show since Ann Curry was fired..this was a big mistake and all because of Matt Lauer's ego
he should have been the one to go I'm enjoying CBS in the fluff, mostly news


Big big mistake letting Ann go. They should have let matt go. I only watch once in a while now to see Al and Natalie. If Al ever leaves they may as well close the place down.


I feel what they did to Ann was just awful. She has been apart of my morning for 15 years. I believe if Katie were still there that would not have happened. Now I watch once in a while to see Al and Natalie. Big Mistake you made Matt!


I’ve seen it happen with other anchors of the Today Show once they became rich and rose out of the middle class their demeanor during interviews and the show in general lost its luster. I saw this happen not only with Matt but with Katie Curic and Jan Pauley. I too have left the Today Show, I believe for good this time. I find GMA to be a very good substitute and deserve to have the audience it has gained not only on its own merits but from the flock of run-aways from the Today Show.


The only thing that supercedes Matts ego is how refreshing it is to do my part in seeing Today's ratings drop. Gma is here to stay the lighthearted approach yet sincerity far supercedes even studmuffin Matte ego.


Been a loyal TODAY show follower since 1971, I am appalled with how Ann was treated and the direction the Show has taken since she has been gone. Now I flip channels or listen to radio in AM


Really! Kardashian (boobs more ways than 1) vs. 9/11!!!! Watched Today show for over 20 years. Barely watched since Ann left but will never watch again now. Could Savannah just give the news and quite with all the posing. Could her voice be any more annoying?


The executive producer MUST be fired---because the show really does suck these days. I don't necessarily want to see Matt fired because I think he asks the questions others wouldn't. If he was replaced, it would need to be with someone who is likable but also a good journalist. Savannah HAS TO GO. I am sorry but she is a thorn on the side of the show. She neither earned the seat nor is she good in it---every time I watch, she is the reason I tune out---it's the whole hee hee, little girl me shtick that drives me crazy. Bleagh. Natalie doesn't impress me with her goody two shoes, non assertive persona either. I'd prefer an Amy Rohbuck, or Katie or Meredith--women with real personalities and courage in putting it out there. Nora O'Donnell is terrific--can you imagine a pairing between her and Brian Williams? Anyway, fire the executive producer for starters.....


Matt got an 11-figure deal? Actually it's an 8-figure deal. And in the second paragraph, "regular destroyed by ..." should be "regularLY destroyed by." Good grief, you guys need a proofreader!