Maine 10-Year-Old Charged With Manslaughter in Baby's Death

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Nicole Greenaway left her 3-month-old daughter with a babysitter overnight two months ago. The sitter's 10-year-old daughter has since been charged with manslaughter in the baby's death. Yes, 10. How did this tragic tale happen?

Greenaway had previously trusted co-worker, Amanda Huard, to babysit her kids - baby Brooklyn and her 2-year-old sister - at Huard's Fairfield, Maine, home.

Greenaway says she did not want the sitter's daughter in charge of the baby.

"My concern was that she was only 10," Greenaway tells the Maine Sun Journal. "She did like to hold her a lot, feed her, change her diapers and stuff."

"I was fine with that, as long as she wasn't left alone."

But according to Greenaway, the sitter broke that trust, placing the baby's playpen bassinet in the older girl's room for the night. The mistake turned fatal.

Baby Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway died July 8.

After the frantic call from Huard saying that Brooklyn wasn't breathing,a  race to the hospital ended with doctors telling Greenaway her daughter had died.

Later, the medical examiner ruled Brooklyn's death was caused by suffocation; Greenaway also says she could see a black eye and bruises on Brooklyn's face.

Greenaway also was told that toxicology tests revealed evidence of amphetamines in her baby's system that matched the 10-year-old's ADD medication.

Seven weeks later, on August 30, prosecutors stunned many observers in announcing that the 10-year-old was charged with manslaughter in the case.

The case is generating controversy as well as tough questions about blame and whether the young defendant can even be judged competent to stand trial.

The girl, currently in state custody, is due in court in October. If found guilty as a juvenile she could face an 11-year sentence until she's 21.


The 10 yr old should be held responsible for what happened but not charged with manslaughter..and I feel the mother of the 10 yr old child should be held responsible to..the bassinet should of been in her room not the 10 yr old's room..My heart goes out to both these children..Brooklyn may you rest in peace precious angel and for the 10 yr old girl being charged prayers coming your way in hopes they dont convict you and get you the structured help and care you need.


Why isnt the BABYSITTER being at least half resposible for this?????


That's always the excuse "are these people competent?" Oh fuck off.. honestly.. kids might not be adults and they may not know EVERYTHING, but they know about right and wrong. They're told about medication, not to share it, it's only for them.. like, fuck sakes.. they're taught things. The only reason for thinking otherwise is because these parents are turning these kids into little idiots. What in gods fucking name is wrong with the world today & these disgusting "parents" in it.


Ann September 12th, 2012 2:49 PM Ann, you are an idiot. What is wrong with America is that parents don't take responsibility for their kids. Why someone like you is even allowed to breathe is beyond me. How stupid are you? I mean really... how stupid? They should charge the mom with manslaughter and the 10 year old should be evaluated. How stupid is this country for prosecuting a 10 year old?


How do they know the mother didn`t kill the baby & put the baby in her daughters room to make it look like she did it. . .


This is such a sad story all around. The mother is definately as responsible as her 10 year old daughter. She was responsible for the baby for the night, as well as her own children. One real question is why did the 10 year old even have access to any kind of medication? Is it not supposed to be kept out of the reach of children and administered by an adult?? There are so many issues here that do not make sense. If a parent can be right their as their adolescent commits murder and have all the blame left on the child, that person can get away with anything. Obviously the child deserves reprimanding, but to put the entire fault on her is way messed up!


She should at least be charged with negligence. She promised she wouldn't leave her alone with her daughter, and that's what she did. Any body with little girls knows that it is no easy task to keep them in bed. Especially when there's a baby in the room. Was she stoned?!


Read the article doesn't say the 10 yr old was left alone with the baby to babysit....all the mom did was put the bassinet in her room for the was she suppose to know that her crazy ass daughter was going to kill the baby...they were suppose to be sleep....HELL YES SHE SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH MANSLAUGHTER!!!!.. The comments about why isn't the mom in jail are ridiculous....why should she be in jail...that's whats wrong with America now...we need to make children take responsibility for the things they do....She wasn't alone with the baby nor did she kill the baby sure to stress from taking care of it....some kids are just born bad and crazy....theres plenty of children killers...look it up...and none of their parents are in hail


I agree with all of you (1,2,3) the mother of the 10 yr. Old should be charged as well. She knew her daughter had serious behavioral issues, she also knew Brooklyn's mother didn't want the baby around that girl unsupervised by an adult. It's a tragedy all the way around...


Arrest the mother you dumb asses county prosecutors. The mother of the 10 year old left and told her daughter to be in charge of an infant... Come on now! She as guilty as the daughter! I would still charge the daughter but they would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that she intentionally killed the baby. Like the baby was crying and she was upset and suffocated her... It can be proven but it will be hard. I would charge the mother as an accessory to manslaughter. She knowingly left her daughter in charge of taking care of an infant so that she could do her own thing. She better not have gone out clubbing... if so than charge her with manslaughter as well...