Lucy Hale Covers Haute Muse, Addresses Anastasia Steele Rumors

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Lucy Hale has made a big name for herself on Pretty Little Liars.

But she would make an absolutely huge name for herself if she earned the role of Anastasia Steele in the big screen adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey. Hale has already expressed interest in the part, but she tempers expectations a bit in the latest issue of Haute Muse.

Lucy Hale HauteMuse Cover
Lucy Hale in HauteMuse

“I’m definitely a huge fan of the books. Obviously I’d be thrilled to be a part of it, but I think it’s in the very beginning stages of it all," the actress tells the magazine.

Hale has also signed a recording contract and will release a country album some time in 2013. She hopes, at least.

“We’re exploring what we want my sound to be and what I want to talk about in my album. It’s kind of hard with my schedule to fit in both the filming and music, so we’re hoping to release it by next year. It’s a very exciting time in my life.”

Do you want to see Lucy Hale as Anastasia Steele?

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i think she look like selnae g don't sh


Lucy Hale fits the image of Anastasia to the T. Young and about 5'4 in height with huge eyes and long brown hair. She is innocent yet would be perfect for the part. She is extremely talented and building a name for herself. This role would be perfect for her, and the sketch is a drawing that looks just like her!!!!! When I read the book I could envision her as the main character. I love both Ian Somerholder and Matt Bomber as Christen both look the part. But Lucy Hale is Anastasia HANDS DOWN!!!!


I prefer Emilia Clarke! She would be perfect!


Fe, Lucy has huge blue eyes...what are you talking about?! Dark hair, pale skin, thin, blue eyes, young...I think she'd be perfect! In fact, she's who I imagined as Ana in my head when I read the books.
I'm so sick of people bringing up Emma Watson. She really isn't pretty or sexy enough to be Ana. She might talented, BUT LET'S FACE IT, whoever does this movie isn't gonna be nomintated for any Oscars. It's just pure entertainment!


ilove youuu sooo much lucy :*


I don't think Kristen Stewart is particularly talented either. I just think that the word talent is thrown around today way too much. In my opinion, Lucy Hale has no talent as an actress. I think there are several other girls like her in the spotlight that are undeserving of the "fame" they've received. Vanessa Hudgens, Arianna Grande, and Victoria Justice are a few others that have fame but no talent. Funny that they're also "singers" as well. I guess if you're gonna suck at what you do, you may as well try everything, even if you're not remotely good at it.


Fe- she could wear contacts. Kristen Stewart doesn't have brown eyes after all.


I'm not interested in seeing anyone in the role. The book is crap. If the book was a person it would be Kim Kardashian. Thats how awful I think the book is. I never bothered to read the other books.


@Samantha If you think Lucy Hale has no acting talent then you need to go any research what talent is, because critics always praise her I don't think I never read of someone complaining of her talent, She is an excellent actress and singer. If you want to see someone with no acting talent look at Kristen Stuart.


Not to mention Lucy Hale has absolutely no acting talent. If this horrible series has to be made into a movie, I would rather see Emma Watson as Anastasia Steele, you know, someone who can actually act.

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