Lindsay Lohan to Sue Jose Rodriguez (Alleged Hit-and-Run Victim Guy)

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Lindsay Lohan is freaking PISSED that Jose Rodriguez claims she drilled him with her car and "reeked of booze" at the time, so she's suing her alleged hit-and-run victim, according to reports.

Lindsay was arrested for the hit-and-run last week.

Rodriguez claims Lohan hit him with her Porsche SUV outside Manhattan's Dream Hotel, then drove off. The hotel surveillance video below suggests he exaggerated the claims (at best).

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Rodriguez also gave an interview to a reporter claiming Lindsay was slurring and "smelled like alcohol real bad" at the time, but she was at Slash's concert NOT drinking just 45 minutes earlier.

More importantly, police who arrested Lindsay even say alcohol was not involved.

The troubled star believes she could lose work if she continues being accused of things she didn't do (like drive drunk and hit people), so she's planning on suing Rodriguez for defamation.

While lame opportunists undoubtedly have and will continue to target her to score a quick paycheck, the 26-year-old may want to take precautions beforehand, such as hiring a car service.

She may not be a drunk driver, but she's a pretty terrible one.


Oh please her mother does koo koo interviews for money and liindsey will sue anybody. .......


Oh please, she won't be losing work just because of her drinking. Her recent acting jobs and her behavior on the sets speak for volumes as to why they might not want to hire this delusional party girl.


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Is she going to sue the restaurant waiter who said she was drinking with her mother on Dina's birthday - mixed drinks made with vodka, if I remember correctly? He said the two of them had quite a few - doesn't that qualify as "falling off the wagon"?

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