Lindsay Lohan: ARRESTED For Hit-and-Run on Pedestrian!

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Channeling her inner Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan was arrested this morning for leaving the scene of an accident after allegedly hitting a pedestrian in N.Y. City.

According to TMZ, LiLo was pulling in to park her Porsche Cayenne near the Dream Hotel in downtown Manhattan when she drove into a guy's knee at low speed.

This was around shortly after midnight this morning.

Lindsay and her crew proceeded to enter the hotel, but somebody called the police, and when the actress walked out around 2:30 a.m., officers arrested her.

Train Wreck

LL was booked for leaving the scene of an accident (a misdemeanor) and then released with a ticket. She didn't have to pay bail before she was cut loose.

The alleged victim was hospitalized, but was not knocked down or dragged by the car, and had no visible injuries from the crash. Alcohol was not involved.

Once again, the possibility of a probation violation is in play for Lindsay Lohan, who is required to obey all laws as a condition of her jewel theft sentence.

Even without a conviction, Judge Stephanie Sautner could throw her ass in jail if there is probable cause that a crime was committed; this is unlikely, however.

Sautner is tough but fair, and not likely to throw the book at Lohan without letting the situation play out in N.Y. Still, this mess is on thin ice yet again.

Still want to call out the system for going easy on Amanda, Lindsay?

Who's the bigger train wreck?


Whoever taught lindsay how to drive........


I totally agree with Ms Billie. That's all that needs to be said.


Olga are you kidding me? This woman, yes she is a woman could kill someone or kill herself. Why are you dressing up this situation, is it something to be proud of because she took mugshots? This is no joke this person is a danger to herself and others. I honestly feel sorry for her after seeing her mother on Dr. Phil and her pathetic father, it is easy to see why she is as messed up as she is. Having said that she has fame, talent & looks it is time to grow up and stop being a victim. She can affrod the best rehabs, the best medical care. So what is her excuse for behaving the way that she has. She is an example of our justice system in America


does seem like a set up..but thats what she gets for wanting to go clubbin every friggin night. this wacko just hassss to go out. its a tuesday night just stay the f home for a change!!! i dont feel bad for her one bit..shes never gonna grow up


i swear this girl stays in jail


Wow, set up? You idiots. She may have accidentally hit the guy. But you stick around for cops at the scene. Unless you are hiding something.


This lil girl, yes I said LIL GIRL, needs to seriously grow the hell up. I am so sick and tired of her news. She may be the sweetest girl in the world, but for me it is how you present yourself in life. This lil girl needs to get some major help, go to jail and stay there, not get a slap on her wrists. Just saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH LILO!!! Get it together, or just stay the hell of tabloids.!!!!


Why is this menance to society still driving? She should be locked away and the key thrown away...She makes poor choices and should be punished before she kills someone!


OMFG! Put this woman into REHAB and lock her up there for at least 2 years! I smell a huge lawsuit! She needs to detatch from her current crowd of partiers and hang with mellow law abiding ones! At least she is not sleeping with married men like Jaimee Grubbs.....or is she? Speaking of parents...... Jaimee's parents have been divorced for a long time too and both were hard core drug users just like Lindseys!

Ms billie

The justice system has failed yet again. She's worse than a train wreck she's a total disaster waiting to happen. Lock her up for everyone's sake. I don't understand why she keeps getting away with shit that other people would go to prison for doing.

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