Lady Gaga: Pregnant? Or Drunk Dieting?

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Is Mother Monster pregnant with a Little Monster?!

She's certainly put on a few pounds - in a good way, she looks great - of late, and not that she knows anything, but Kelly Osbourne thinks Lady Gaga is pregnant.

The outspoken E! star cites the fact that she stopped bleaching her hair and has been covering up more lately, including wearing a burka to London Fashion Week.

Lady Gaga in Action
Lady Gaga's Glasses

According to The Sun, Osbourne said, "I think she is pregnant because she's been covering up this part of her body recently and I have been noticing that a lot."

"And her style has changed; you can’t bleach your hair when you are pregnant.”

Nor can you smoke weed on stage. Whatever Kelly.

Pregnant or not, she's been photographed with thighs bulging out of skimpy fishnets of late, something other observers say is due to simply drinking too much.

She has said before that she’s a fan of the "drunk diet."

"Gaga appears to have gained at least 30 pounds," one source said of the 26-year-old. Neither Gaga nor her camp has responded to the pregnancy rumors.

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shes lady gaga she probably got drunk and got knocked up i mean its Lady gaga sorry dont really like her


i think shes pregant its lady gaga what can u expect from her

@ karlee

k thats not nice be nice to her shes a great singer


i've seen her interview with Google and she is one good person. i just dont know what her true gender is. ^^ but i love her, i think she has a good heart : ) ) ) please check my site guys ^^


...why so serious??? a witch!?! Gaga may look like one but...I dont think she is... As far as being 'pregnant'...It would bother me to wonder as to why she wouldnt take advantage of the "only law" that would actually boost revenue...create jobs...N initially restore our economy... America should be more like Holland people...I mean thats the only reason people truly visit Amsterdam right?


Who cares if she is pregnant or not? She has managed to fool alot of people, but not me. She is a psychopath who money and fame has gotten into her head. She has secretly managed to reveal that she is a WITCH in her kingdom by calling her fans MONSTERS. I pity Taylor for falling in her trap and for her crap... Stupid witch of ILLUMINATI!!!


just high, she was in Amsterdam.


P.S., Frogmore, you're hilarious!


Frogmore, let's hope you don't have kids either. You ignorantly trashing someone you don't know, wouldn't make you good a parent either. Yuck.
Anyway, I doubt she's gained THIRTY pounds. Whatever source said that should no longer be cited, lol. People have to realize that she is short, so a few founds on her looks like more compared to someone taller. Trust me, if she gained 30 lbs, it would be very very noticeable.


Lady GA GA pregnant? Maybe who knows. I believe that she's just put on some weight from all that extra weed she's been smoking. Think about it! And weed does make you eat like crazy anyways right. So it may not be that she's pregnant, it could be that she's just embraced being a famous and talented fatty. Good for her. Its nice to see a skinny bitch becoming more volumptuous welcome to the real world GaGa hope it lasts!

Carol worth

We all know she's an exibitionist and will do anything for attention which is really unnecessary because she has a massive amount of talent. This fact is supposedly because of her oversized ego. I think she is just crying out for acceptance. "Love me. LOVE ME.PLEASE!!" She may, indeed, be pregnant. If she is, I just hope she will take care of herself and have a healthy pregnancy. ~0;-)

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