Lady Gaga Head Tattoo Marks Fame Launch

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As you may already know, Lady Gaga shaved her head.

Now she's gotten a nice tattoo smack in the bald spot.

The Mother Monster arrived at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on New York's Upper East Side Thursday night perched on a convertible as part of the launch of her new Fame perfume. There, she unveiled the product ... and her newest ink.

The tattoo's got a Honey Boo Boo look to it, no?

Gaga Tattoo

The singer has posted many pictures on LittleMonsters (dot) com from the event ... we suggest you check those out, as well as THG's gallery of classic Lady Gaga pics.

What do you think of her latest tattoo? Awesome? Awful?


Just because her choice of career puts her in the public eye, doesn't mean the public has the right to crucify her. Did any of you stop to think that maybe it's Henna and not permanent ink? Also, why do you think she made it in this business? She is true to herself and it doesn't always take a degree to be "business smart." She is creative and inventive, and on top of that has class. I'm sure she's an inspiration to many people who are trying to be themselves and still make it in this business. I think she deserves respect for that.


Another thing for attention! Oh Please!!


I think she's lost


Shut up, Samantha. It's not on your body, so why do you care? Maybe the tattoo has meaning to her, and if she ends up not liking it in the future she can have it removed (because yeah, that exists). Further more, tons of people get tattoos. It's not because fame has gone straight to her head...
"Oh hi I have a tattoo on my neck, obviously fame must be going to my head". But that's just my opinion...


That's not the only tat she has and what does it matter its her body


AWSOME!!!(ppl its her life her rules let she do stuff we cant)


Gosh o.O


What the hell is wrong with Lady GaGa? Everything she's done lately is just stupid. Doesn't she realize that this tattoo will be on her body for the rest of her life? I think all this fame she's gotten is going straight to her head...

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