Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Post-Baby Body

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Motherhood seems to suit Kristin Cavallari well.

Just one month after giving birth to son Camden Jack, the former star of The Hills showed off her enviably slender post-baby body via Twitter.

Jessica Simpson is so jealous right now.

"Girls night!! Yes at 6pm haha," the 25-year-old new mom tweeted Monday, along with a cute image of herself and a couple of friends ...

Kristin Cavallari Post-Baby

Sounds like it was a fun time for Jay Cutler's fiancee. "This mamma is gonna have her first glass of wine in 10 months tonight," she tweeted. "Woohoo."

We'll see if she change her tune in a couple of months, but as she relishes first-time motherhood, the star says she's already thinking about baby No. 2.

"We were talking about the possibility of having another kid right away and then getting married so we can have two close in age," Kristin Cavallari said.

"We want four kids, so we're thinking maybe one more, then get married, then have two more. But we'll see, it all depends on how the first one goes."


So ironic.. When Beyonce stepped out looking hot after giving birth she had all that shit to deal with.. bloody biased folks!


Yeah. Simpson is a joke. All she does now is complain about gaining so much weight when she did it to herself.


This is a joke


If Simpson wasn't stuffing her face constantly she wouldn't have to be jealous! It would have been a lot easier to lose the weight.It will not take her a little longer it will take her a lot longer to lose it, if she ever does.


She's wearing a gathered dress for god's sake.


All women are different. some gain just the belly and others they gain all over. its not about being lazy & a slob...every woman is different!


Kristin is so cute
Poor Jessica- Leave the girl alone.
Shes trying - - - it will just take her a little longer to lose


I agree with Sammie.And Jessica Simpson is a big fat disgusting slob because she overate completely during pregnancy!! At least Kristin cares about her baby and her body!


Kristin looks fantastic, but that's no surprise since she didn't "let herself go" during her pregnancy. There's nothing wrong with having a donut, Jessica Simpson, just do it in moderation.


Don't eat like a pig. Exercise.

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