Kristen Stewart Makes First Post-Scandal Public Appearance

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Last night, Kristen Stewart chose a very good time to make her first public appearance since photos surfaced of the actress getting to first base with Rupert Sanders.

While most of the entertainment world was watching the MTV Video Music Awards - which included an appearance by Robert Pattinson and other Twilight Saga castmates, who introduced a new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer - Stewart walked the red carpet of the Toronto Film Festival.

Along with costars Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund, she was on hand to promote On the Road and she wore a Zuhair Murad dress for the occasion.

Stewart doesn't exactly look thrilled to be at the premiere. But does she ever? You're more likely to see Kristen wear a "Take Me Back, Rob!" t-shirt on the red carpet than you are to see here don a smile...

Kristen Stewart at On the Road Premiere
Kristen Stewart at Toronto Film Festival

I think she's sad......
and I kinda' feel sorry for her because she has to move forward be brave and take everything... Go K-stew you can do it!


Kristen looked beautiful!! We've all done things we are not proud of! She knows she made a mistake..i wish they would leave her alone about it, shes a great actress and they wanna focus on her cheating?? Rob will be back :) even he makes mistakes..just cuz they look perfect doesn't mean they r! keep doing what your good at making movies, looking beautiful, an ignore the haters..they don't walk in your shoes!!


She's gorgeous in that dress; she looks like a paper doll.


Kristen am proud to be your fan. I have made mistakes and I would never want ppl to quickly judge me for my mistakes. Keep your head up high, am ruiting for u and Rob.


way 2 go kristen!she looks amazing seriously!its about time that she shows those k-stew haters that she still is the bomb!luv u k-stew mwaaah!


i have seen a different photo from the event where she looks beautiful and IS these photos she looks a bit sad (understandably). Now I get that story from the bible about those who never sinned (or made a mistake) throwing the first stone. This story is bitchy bandwagon crap!


Hold your head high Kristin!! You're beautiful, young, and human. You, like the rest of the population are allowed to make mistakes. Don't look back. Keep going forward and learn along the way.


it's nice when homewreckers can get it together for the public


Her best dressed ever! She looked radiant and in control. Not her usual awkward fidgety, head down pose. Way to go!


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