Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Affair Photos: Totally Fake?!?

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The photographic evidence. That's what we labeled pictures of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders in Us Weekly, as they clearly showed the actress and director locked in a passionate embrace.

Or did they?!?

A new video has gone viral that purports to debunk this myth. It alleges its very own "proof" that the images were actually doctored, edited to appear as if Sanders and Stewart were making out in Los Angeles when, in this supposed reality, neither star was even at the location in question.

Are you buying the tricks this video claims were used to fool all of America?

Stewart, of course, admitted to the affair within 24 hours of this report hitting the Internet. So why would she possibly play a role in the conspiracy?

Blackmail! What if Sanders and Liberty Ross were behind the scandal this entire time in order to boost their professional profiles? The latter did suddenly walk the runway at New York Fashion Week a couple days ago.

What do you think? Were the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders photos part of an elaborate hoax?


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This is for wordnerdmomma, (14/9/2012 1:75 pm.) please contact me at cliftonjuliette91@gmail, I am a Graphic Designer and used to work for the printed media, if Robert and Kristen wasnt involved in this scam then we will be able to expose the people who set Kristen Stewart up. Please lets stand together for abused woman, I am one, and this should stop with Kristen Stewart, she is young and innocent and doesnt know the world, and so is Robert, I have also been through some sort of Art schooling, it is not life.


OMG!! I'm running out of popcorn!! Why listen to drama when I can read it here!! Were one or more are gathered something always falls. We are human. We make mistakes and those mistakes are what makes us stronger!! ITS LIFE! famous or not!!!!........More popcorn please!! I could write my own book here! " What people do for entertainment!!" lol!


(Comment continued, I was cut off)
It was weird. Like really obvious. Also, the middle finger cast? I think thats symbolic. Like "We tried to give the middle finger to the media and it totally backfired."
The one thing that really makes me think that this wasn't a hoax is Rob. I really don't think he's the type of person to go along with it. OR maybe I just don't want him to be that type of person. He does seem genuinely hurt and uncomfortable about the subject but then again, he's the best actor in the bunch so... Who really knows.


I was right from the start, I said the answer is in the pics, now I am outraged, myself and my husband has been in the Media like forever, I wish I could expose myself at this stage, and I was a graphic designer for the media, it was my work to alter photos for the printed media, those photos are indeed fake, just believe me, there is something terribly wrong with them, Robert if you and Kristen weren't envolved with this, you should report this, this is a criminal offens, please speak to Kristen, if necessary firt get out of America, and deal with the situation from an unknown location. If I am right, I will try and get in touch with you somehow. Please make Ruth Bernstein available I am to scared to come to the fore.


Really? Did someone on here just accuse Liberty of "setting up Kristen"? Are you fucking stupid? If anyone was the victim in this, it was Liberty and her children, not Kristen. I can't believe I just read that. It's not Liberty's fault that Kristen is obviously a homewrecker. So just shut up. Please.


no one will say that they were having an affair and risk losing the person they claim that they love the most bcuz they were being blackmailed that is stupid.
she cheated and now its time to get over it and the only way ppl can do tat is if we know tat rob is no taking her back


If they are in fact faked pictures in order to boost someone's career, then bravo and mission accomplished. They are still in the news, we are still eager to find out what this new movie On The Road is about and everyone's getting press good, bad or indifferent. And we're freakin buying into it get over it they played the media for fame game very well.


I think Kristen was set up since the beginning. Even if they aren't fake, she was used by a variety of people to gain publicity and fame.


The pictures might be real. I believe there is a conspiracy between Rupert and Liberty, they must have set up Kristen. Kristen must bite into something Rupert said to her that lead to this mess, and they knew Kristen is vulnerable. Liberty career must be going down hill. There is a reason why Rupert cast Kristen for the role. Liberty forgive Rupert at a snap of a finger. This must have cross Rob mind, but cannot prove the theory, that's why he hold out meeting with Rupert or Liberty, and hold out his decision his relationship with Kristen, till he prove when the truth come out.


Who cares if the pics are fake or not? Everyone is aware that they don't know these people, right? Also, a lot of famous people do stupid things for publicity and tabloids make things up, stretch the truth, and take things out of context all the time. The only thing I really have to say on the matter is that famous people know that they are famous and that people follow them around with cameras, especially when they have movies coming out. If they really didn't want to get caught cheating, they would either be very secretive or not do it.

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