Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Affair Photos: Totally Fake?!?

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The photographic evidence. That's what we labeled pictures of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders in Us Weekly, as they clearly showed the actress and director locked in a passionate embrace.

Or did they?!?

A new video has gone viral that purports to debunk this myth. It alleges its very own "proof" that the images were actually doctored, edited to appear as if Sanders and Stewart were making out in Los Angeles when, in this supposed reality, neither star was even at the location in question.

Are you buying the tricks this video claims were used to fool all of America?

Stewart, of course, admitted to the affair within 24 hours of this report hitting the Internet. So why would she possibly play a role in the conspiracy?

Blackmail! What if Sanders and Liberty Ross were behind the scandal this entire time in order to boost their professional profiles? The latter did suddenly walk the runway at New York Fashion Week a couple days ago.

What do you think? Were the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders photos part of an elaborate hoax?


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only crazy,in denial and delusional people believed the pictures are fake.the fact is Kristen is gullibly plain stupid and immature either that or just completely narcissistic in nature.Her and Rupert doesnt give a damn about Rob ,Liberty and the children


get out and get a life.have mercy with these delusional and out of reality people.Kristen is capable of cheating .end of the story


- Please do not involve us housewives in your poorly constructed judgements. Think at least once before you write honey.
Have a nice day


I agree w Seth Colton. They are real, the relationship happened, maybe for a brief amount ot time, who knows? But I think Rupert was set up by Liberty, who suspected he was having an affair. Maybe she didn't know who with. She hired someone to 'catch' him; she gave him the day "off", said she & the kids were busy. She told the PI some of his favorite haunts, and he had photographers ready. Also Kristen gets followed everywhere, so they were going to get caught no matter what. Remember Liberty said "WOW" when she saw the pics & then deleted her twitter acct. Maybe that it was Kristen was a surprise, maybe not. The question remains, for the fans, "Why, Kristen, so foolish?" You wanted something to f you over. You did it to yourself. And it's permanent. In Hollywood its forever. I am sorry for all parties involved. Tragic ending. This is my one and only post on the subject, ever.


To Kim again,
Graphic designers, do not get productive, they get creative, poor child, do your homework before entering into adult world. To Karina,
Your comment is probably the nearest to the answer


First of all k... the apology that they so call made was not recorded so you dont even know if that is even true its gossip unless you can tell me that you heard it come out of there mouths personally how do you know that its true I think this has all been a scam and I feel personally that Kristen was black mailed into it or even yet I think it was all the media and that Rob just didnt want to believe Kristen and thats why its such a mess and she is getting all the hurt because of it look at how much weight she has lost in a short period of time This hole thing is nothing but bullshit and Im sorry media.... but you guys seriously need to get a fucking life instead of trying to mess up other peoples lifes how would you like it if some one did that to you look what happened to princess Diana she died cause of you people look what you guys almost did to Justin bieber.... You guys need to LAY OFF and let there personal life alone!


to Kim, that is where you are the nutter, if you do not know this bussiness, please go play with your toys, You are not worldly enough, are you a child or housewife, or smoking or drinking something, if you do not know the insides of the media bussiness get off the internet, the media has means to get in touch with anyone they need to get in touch with, please drink your cough medicine for the day


There is only one way to end this whole thing investigate the photographer!!! who took these picturers?


Hello Juliette Hello are you stupid hon? Saying "I will try to get in touch with you and make Ruth ava. to me I am afriad to come forward etc etc" are you smoking something? You are probably an off the nut fan that needs a reality check so here it is.
I am sorry but movie stars will not contact you nor make persons in their circles ava to you. Please come back down to earth and if you truly are a graphic artist then get to work on something productive instead of something like celebrity stalking. Kristen is a dirty cheat, Rob seems nice, Rupert is a loser, and Liberty can do better now those are the facts hon.


I was not aware this was a jury trial. Kristen did not ask people to spend hrs on trying to come up with a video to put doubt in people mind about her guilt. You need to spend more time on your job or homework and family life. This is ridiculous, Kristen would not allow her reputation to be toileted over this. You do not know the exact location,maybe that first fence was the location who knows? Maybe their was another fence somewhere, the point it, US gave out very specific details that matched the location spots. As for depth and perception that can look scoured when taking different pics at different angles. I also don't buy into the shoes thing, unless you were there that day.Butt out!!

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