Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: The Secret Reunion!

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Looks like seeing Breaking Dawn's Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together may not be wishful thinking. The two have been reuniting in secret!

Speculation of a possible reconciliation between the estranged lovers has been swirling of late, and insiders have learned that they have in fact reunited.

At least physically. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met up in L.A. last weekend; the actor's pals "think they'll be a couple again" before too long.

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While Pattinson, 26, was crushed by Kristen, 22, cheating on him with Rupert Sanders, says another source, the door is "definitely open" to rekindle the romance.

At the same time, it's "easier said than done ... and clearly harder than expected."

When Stewart admitted to having a tryst with Sanders, she made clear she hoped her "momentary indescretion" wouldn't spell the end of things with Rob.

Considering that they never had sex, and how she was honest and apologetic - not to mention skewered by the media - there's been reason for hope.

Both have stepped out publicly since the scandal, but neither has directly addressed their relationship status; Kristen recently said they will be "fine."

What do you think ... should he take her back?


Listen to your hearts !


To Rob and Kristen, happy for both of you. Listen tintype hearts, it's your own happiness , life is too short, enjoy every moments while it lasts. I wish you both the best !


Whoever said "everyone make mistakes, but to cheat on the hottest guy on the planet?!?!" is obviously 12. Looks have very little to do with a successful relationship. Obviously, she cheated for a reason, something was lacking. If they can work it out and be happy, more power to them. Again, everyone makes mistakes. We don't know the whole story. Move on people, they are going to do what they please, because IT'S THEIR LIFE.


Big deal! I say get back together if you really love each other. Most likely after being married for awhile as a couple they will want to experience sexually other alternatives like most of my married friends have such as the life style as they call it or try swapping with another couple or possibly even try having a open marriage. So why blow something which may be good for them.


OK, for those of you who think this is her first time cheating, you're wrong. She cheated on her last boyfriend, Michael Angarano, with Robert Pattinson. She was with Michael for 4 years, then cheated on him. She was with Robert for about 4 years and cheated on him. To me, this seems like a pattern. Obviously she gets bored and moves on. I hope Robert realizes this before she does it to him again with another costar.


Well ... Not much of a Twilight fan, but I do know that these kinds of people rarely stop after the first time getting away with it. Some people just never learn. I will be looking for her next "momentary indiscretion" in the future.


Part of the reason they may be getting back together is the empathy Rob feels for the terrible way the media and most commenters treated Kristen. He still loved her even if she did kiss her married boss and it was very unfair.


I have to admit as a twi-hard, I was really upset to think that she could do something like this...Cuz lets face it ROB is HOT! And we all who think so, are just hoping that Rob is reading this and thinking "hey that sounds like the girl for me" lets get over our selves here.. however, if they are a true couple, and they love each other not the character they play... A kiss is a kiss, she didn't have sex with the man, she didn't take him to their (rob and kristen's) house to fill the role of rob.. She made a mistake, and if they are as serious as they claimed to have been who in their right mind wouldn't be hurt but also be a little willing to get give it another try after four years of commitment.. Granted there is going to be some trust issues, but if you are really a couple who is in love you have to be willing to make that sacrifice because you made your bed,sleep in it and take the fall out because trust has to be rebuilt.


A mistake is adding the wrong ingredients to food or calling someone by the wrong name. Cheating is an action that took some thought on your part. Yes, I am going to go through with this. Its the most selfish thing anyone can do. You dont mistake someones lips for anothers. And definitely not for a week.


They Back together or break up, there is nothing important 4 rob-patz and k-stew enjoy your life coz lives need luv and luv is everlasting live..second change..why not!

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