Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: The Secret Reunion!

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Looks like seeing Breaking Dawn's Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together may not be wishful thinking. The two have been reuniting in secret!

Speculation of a possible reconciliation between the estranged lovers has been swirling of late, and insiders have learned that they have in fact reunited.

At least physically. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met up in L.A. last weekend; the actor's pals "think they'll be a couple again" before too long.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Photo

While Pattinson, 26, was crushed by Kristen, 22, cheating on him with Rupert Sanders, says another source, the door is "definitely open" to rekindle the romance.

At the same time, it's "easier said than done ... and clearly harder than expected."

When Stewart admitted to having a tryst with Sanders, she made clear she hoped her "momentary indescretion" wouldn't spell the end of things with Rob.

Considering that they never had sex, and how she was honest and apologetic - not to mention skewered by the media - there's been reason for hope.

Both have stepped out publicly since the scandal, but neither has directly addressed their relationship status; Kristen recently said they will be "fine."

What do you think ... should he take her back?


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I am very happy that they r back together again they love one other everone makes mistake you learn form that so everone should keep out of it and let it be.


Everyone makes mistakes and through the mistakes, we learn to better ourselves. If they are meant to be together then they are meant to be together.
And who are we to judge their life ? And those haters who do not have anything good about themselves then do not say anything bad about other people, end of story !


"never had sex" oh please lmfao


nice pic


I like to fart. Why isn't thatin this newsletter? OK, there. Now it is. I think l everything in the world needs to be about me! It's all about me, world! Let's talk about me now!

@ Anne-Caroline Brown Taylor

su selfish person were talking about kristen and rob here and no we will not talk about you


Stewart cheated and that's it. �ڪ in the hands of rob to either quit for safety or continue and receive another blow.Ѯůț for saying she didn't sleep wif that guy we can't tell because we where not there.@ gossip girl true talk.

@ shannel

how do you know it wasn't to promote the movie?


Stewart cheated and that's it. �ڪ in the hands of rob to either quit for safety or continue and receive another blow.Ѯůț for saying she didn't sleep wif that guy we can't tell because we where not there.


please don't make me vomit!!! all i can say is Rob smarten up! and call a spade a spade!! be careful very careful! watch for the signs cause it will happen again!! for your sake i hope it dosen't but i will not be shocked if it does!!by the way i am a fan of Robs but not of Kristens never was and never will be!! i would love to see him happy!! very happy!!


The press should leave bob and kristen alone this two lovers are meant to be together am so happy


Makes me laugh how jealous some people look on here. If they want to get back together then so be it, it's their lives. I don't approve of cheating or anything, but no need to call her a skank because you're jealous (@jarvinita in particular here) either way, if they want to get back together, what does it matter what we think.put yourself in their shoes, would you want jealous fans or even people who just don't like you commenting on your relationships?