Kris Jenner to June Shannon: Shame on You!

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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? More like Here Comes the Pot Calling the Kettle Black...

With June Shannon and her eccentric brood racking up ratings for TLC, sources tell Radar Online that Kris Jenner is fuming. She's supposed to be the only money-making Mom-ager out there!

“To say Kris is not a fan of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is an understatement,” an insider says. “She thinks the Thompsons are classless, unlike her family, and can’t understand why America is so fascinated by them."

It's true. When you think of Kim Kardashian, the first word you think of is class.

June Shannon Picture

Reportedly "threatened by [Shannon's] success," Jenner allegedly claims Shannon is "exploiting" her children in a "ploy to make money."

We'll give you a moment to stop laughing over the irony of those remarks...

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I didn't realize I had so many allies regarding that nameless and disgusting money hungry clan. Their egos and money mad pack are the size of Kim's back side. Nuff said and just to think me and my family risked our lives during WWII for that rat pack.


She is so fake.June on Honney Boo Boo spends qulity time with her kids. She says her girls come first. That is why she will not marry her boyfiend. They are a little crude,but they live lives with adversity. Not by pimping their kids out.


Great mom I agree with you 110%! Of course the people who drink the Kardashian kool ade are going to start chiming in and calling you a jealous hater but they are just stupid. Every time anyone expresses disgust at that families behavior the rabid Kardashian fans start crying and jump on their "you're just jealous" soap boxes.


Kris PIMP Jenner see's the writing on the wall she has nothing left to sell, dirty mouthed, trash talking family of trollops


CONT. before their 3rd season. What do expect from the Kardashian's, their dad represented OJ Simpson after he brutally murdered his ex wife and friend. Sooo the scum is deep rooted! This is just the beginning... Kris has done so much to make money off her kids makes her the queen of trashy, classless and repugnant parenting award goes to her and all the great decisions she and her children make. June has more class in the crud under her chins then Kris has in any of the attention starved antics she has put her family through.


KRIS !!!


Kris is just scared that one day, just like Paris Hilton, her and her daughters 5 minutes of fame will be up. By 2013 ( if Kim doesnt purposely get pregnant to get more attention) people will be saying Kardashian who......??


stfu kris jenner, you are an old sack of silicone and botox who loves whoring out her own kids. (i know she isn't reading this, I just wanted to post it anyway) I haven't watched honey boo boo , but I should


Seriously kris? Look who's talking.


good comment LANCE and most of you i do agree with. these kids should have been removed from their pig stys along time ago. damaged already done. as for the beauty contests, that woman is priming her fat little sweat hog kid for porn stardom down the road just like the kardashians. where are peoples heads? our country is in such a mess so why does all the filth take over people doing something for America. i can understand why that IDIOT in the White House, biden, said our country is doing ok, WE just don't see it or get it!. maybe this is part of the reason;got to set our priorities and prove them wrong, that we are better than that. our country is NOT ok and MOST of us DO get it.....