Kourtney Kardashian Giving Birth on TV: Right or Wrong?

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Wow. If you thought the Kim Kardashian sex tape was the most graphic look you'd get at a member of that family, you underestimated how few boundaries they have.

E! cameras captured Kourtney Kardashian giving birth on the emotional season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday ... and by giving birth we mean reaching down there and helping pull baby Penelope out of her vagina.

If you missed it, here's a visual rundown of how that went (sorry):

You gotta hand it to Kourtney - it's cool she's so into the process and pulled that off (pun not intended) with such confidence. She also seems to be a great mom.

Nevertheless ... really??? Forget about viewers who probably didn't need to go there. Why Kourtney wanted to go there is remarkable. Is nothing private anymore?

Her son, Mason, entered the world in similar fashion back in 2009. This family tradition is something only the Kardashians could pull off. But does it go too far?

Clearly, the birth of a child is a beautiful moment that should be celebrated, but should Kourt have kept this particular celebration to herself? You tell us below.

Thoughts on Kourtney Kardashian giving birth on TV?

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knowing that family she got induced just so it would happen on the finale..anything for ratings..gag me !!!!


West, If you're a man would you marry me? I love you!


Let's put a mini camera on a pool cue and stick it up Kourt's vagina next time she has a bastard child. Then we can see the little bastard before it pops out. YAY!


I watched & thought it was tastefully done. There's much worse on tv, & everyone that doesn't want to see it, shouldn't have it on. Some people just aren't happy unless they have something to constantly bitch about. @ WEST-you are a filthy, immature pig & I pity anyone involved with such a no class act like your sleazy self! Ewwww! I need a shower just mentioning SCUM like you!


Nothing was visible to the viewers. It wasn't much different than the doctor pulling the baby out and handing it to the mom. I honestly don't see what the big deal is about this.


West you are a disgusting pig and if you can not say anything intelligent just shutup then.


She did this when she had Mason and she pulled him out 2. Congrats on your new edition Kourt!


Lets see a close up of her anus when she pinches a loaf...it's natural and beautiful... go Kourt!


i think it was tastefully done you onley saw the baby congrads and good luck


I can't stand this family ,but who cares that she chose to have her birth on tv. It happens everyday on TLC .

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