Kourtney Kardashian Giving Birth on TV: Right or Wrong?

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Wow. If you thought the Kim Kardashian sex tape was the most graphic look you'd get at a member of that family, you underestimated how few boundaries they have.

E! cameras captured Kourtney Kardashian giving birth on the emotional season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday ... and by giving birth we mean reaching down there and helping pull baby Penelope out of her vagina.

If you missed it, here's a visual rundown of how that went (sorry):

You gotta hand it to Kourtney - it's cool she's so into the process and pulled that off (pun not intended) with such confidence. She also seems to be a great mom.

Nevertheless ... really??? Forget about viewers who probably didn't need to go there. Why Kourtney wanted to go there is remarkable. Is nothing private anymore?

Her son, Mason, entered the world in similar fashion back in 2009. This family tradition is something only the Kardashians could pull off. But does it go too far?

Clearly, the birth of a child is a beautiful moment that should be celebrated, but should Kourt have kept this particular celebration to herself? You tell us below.

Thoughts on Kourtney Kardashian giving birth on TV?

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dirt bags one and all........


For me personally, i am NOT a Kardashian fan, and i NEVER will be. But i do have to say, that having a baby should really be a private event for the family, and NOT for the world to witness. Just who in the hell do these people think they are ?????ENOUGH ALREADY....Seriously, do we have to constantly hear, see, witness every single second, and minute by the hour each day of these total MORONS>>>>>>>UGH..... I truly HATE every one of them......ANYTHING FOR RATINGS>>>>>>I WISH THEY WOULD ALL DIE>>>ENOUGH...........


I think it was beautiful. Watching a birth is a gift in itself, i think. Also, i'm pretty sure the E! cameras weren't there if i'm correct i watched an interview with the sisters and Kourt said that it was a home video camera, so all the E! employees weren't there in the room as she was giving birth.


Why not....
They do EVERYTHING else on their stupid show.
Why The Hel. Not !!!


This is stupid...TLC has been showing women giving birth on a baby story for years and years. Most adult women can sit and watch 8 women a day pull babies from their vaginas while eating cereal and not think anything of it. this artical is crap. Im sorry but if your a 20 something woman with no children and cant stomach it dont watch the episode where it says shes haveing a baby.


West, west, west, you are one loathsome sorry son of a bitch to call a precious child that's done nothing to harm nor offend you a bastard. You are one of the lowest class of knuckle dragging caveman, old testement Bible thumping idiots that I have ever had the displeasure of running across. If those children have both a mother and father who love and support them unconditionally, then you cannot and will not call those children bastards, NO MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE OR HAVE BEEN UNFORTUNATELY TAUGHT. It does not matter if these two are married or not. But you wanna know what the true definition of a bastard really is west...look no further than your own bathroom mirror you ignorant jackass!


Common on people, a child is a give from God. Calling a baby a bastard child is awful. People watch Porn, that's gross....


Why is anyone surprised or disgusted by this? If you watch the show, or even if you have ever read an article about this family, you know they have no filter, no discretion, no taste, no class. I would expect nothing else from them other than a live birth on television. At least the camera angle spared us a little bit.


for misery we can hire "The Excorsist"!!


So that should have being a personal viewing....I mean the birth of a baby is soo precious and should be a secret between husband and wife!....the media don't need to see that!

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