Kourtney Kardashian Giving Birth on TV: Right or Wrong?

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Wow. If you thought the Kim Kardashian sex tape was the most graphic look you'd get at a member of that family, you underestimated how few boundaries they have.

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    You can see this on The Baby Story on TLC almost every day of the week. Why is THIS one so wrong just because it's a Kardasian? Get over it folks! It's a natural process. And it's not as though you got to see her boobs or hoohoo directly, or is that what some of you are whining about - that you wanted to see her girly bits. sheesh


    I dont know wat people gain in criticising the K family. The Kardashians are well paid for their job which they are doing so well, so those who criticise them should continue wit their blabbing talks while the Kardashian family make their money. Kourtney what u did wasn't bad at all.


    I cannot believe the bile which is posted on some of these sites. A mental assessment by someone called jerhater. A pathetic little dig by west. Filthy language fit for the dustbin from nicole. Are people really that angry & disappointed with their own lives that they have to spew out these remarks to stangers? Most of all I don't understand the debate on the birth as it is not the first time Kourtney has been aired showing the birth of a child. It's old.


    Hey West...why not do something to help yourself like get a psychiatric evaluation and counseling because you are mentally unstable and it is very evident that you have mental issues. You are not doing yourself any good by living in denial. And by the way, you are a disgusting filthy minded asshole!


    I bet everyone who is hating on what the Kardashians do are Republican, aren't u?

    @ michelle b.

    Please help us understand why you would think this? There are idiots in both political parties you know.


    Listen, y be mad? It's their job. They're getting paid for this. Who cares besides the critics and u haters. If u don't like it don't fuckin watch shit. Let them do them and u do u.


    Shows how sad our American society is when people are grossed out or offended by such a natural event. Very sad.


    West, you never cease to disgust me. I have some reading material for you, its called "How To Be A Gentleman And Not An Asshole" look it up. You might just get something decent out of it. You inbred ass.


    Why dont all you ignorant sluts go read a book. I recommend Jane Austin.

    @ west

    You're here posting. Doesn't that make you an ignorant slut too!!!


    dirt bags one and all........

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