Kim Kardashian on the Economy: Ummm....

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Kim Kardashian was at her most honest on CNBC last night.

Not spewing some nonsense about how she's new and improved and only interested in staying in, the reality star talked straight business, the one area we must admit her family knows a lot about.

"I’m trying to use social media to figure out what my fans like and make a brand for my fans," Kardashian said, admitting she uses Twitter and Facebook solely to bring home the bucks and talking about her 10 percent stake in new cosmetic line BoldFace.

What is Kim's take on the economy right now? Can she break it down for us, Bill Clinton style? Not exactly. Watch her respond to that question now:


She is the typical airhead Obama voter,go suck a poop stick you worthless sl_t! @ PS please stay away from the voting machine in November,thx.


u do not t to me like that


Kimmy will you come to a school in south africa near to the airport?


Hi what Chavez said money do not make you smart.


That girl is as dumb as a bag of wet mice. Wow. I saw 5 minutes of her show where she called her sister a liar and told her brother how she worked so hard to get where she is today. What a delusional bitch. Her own siblings can barely tolerate her. She is garbage.


Omg...Money sure don't make you smart!!

Avatar, yeah, with the way the ummm, like economy is like these days...I mean, it's like, umm...I mean I have my own me & my really hard for like what we have & we did luck out & like hit it just when I laid on my back & spread ' Ray j. Ummm just like did the rest & then like peed on me & like it was just like easy........


I think the rich needs to start paying more taxes, must be nice to get paid for looking stupid all the time.


that was, like, funny haha


Good grief.


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