Kim Kardashian on the Economy: Ummm....

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Kim Kardashian was at her most honest on CNBC last night.

Not spewing some nonsense about how she's new and improved and only interested in staying in, the reality star talked straight business, the one area we must admit her family knows a lot about.

"I’m trying to use social media to figure out what my fans like and make a brand for my fans," Kardashian said, admitting she uses Twitter and Facebook solely to bring home the bucks and talking about her 10 percent stake in new cosmetic line BoldFace.

What is Kim's take on the economy right now? Can she break it down for us, Bill Clinton style? Not exactly. Watch her respond to that question now:


rod long,im sure she has HIV or herpes given the fact that she screws black boys huh..


WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! She is so stupid. She can't spell the word ECONOMY with her high school education (maybe) let alone explain it.
She makes money because her mother pimps her out and others wishing to make money off her fat ass come up with ways to make money for her and her family.


WOW can all u just shut the fuck up
And know kim is rich....why would she give a fuck off economy when she is rich..
Realy it realy dont bother her off what all
Us think..


there is not one person jealous of kimmy or her money or her looks or her body. nobody likes her or her family because they are the most useless people ever walked this earth.emty souls.pitiful and silly.i have never seen any admiration written about any of them.they just get sillier and sillier. ok. does that have enough "venom"?


She's still able to put a few words together at a time about herself. My first thoughts were THANK GOODNESS the other sisters weren't their to be embarrassed by her. I hope she finds herself in a way that could benefit her that doesn't include materialist things. The younger sisters seem much more grounded with Bruce as a role model instead of Kris the pimp.


I really had to read this post, wondering what she would respond to the state of the economy. Perhaps she mentioned the actual economy after her spiel on her own product. To be honest, I was not surprised that she either did not understand the question or could care less about others.


The only economy Kimmy can talk about is how big kayne's cock feels going in her asshole, talk about the national debt,,


All of the VENOM that is being put on this site, for Kim Kardashian WHY do you even bother? Regardless, of what you think, she doesn't NEED your IMBECILIC comments. You are nothing but snide an JEALOUS of someone who has everything that one could ever NEED in life. Your JEALOUSY is rearing its UGLY side of you, and Kim is laughing ALL the way to the BANK. She is YOUNG/BEAUTIFUL and who out there hasn' t made some DUMB mistakes in their lives? That phrase, *Let He Who Is Without SIN Cast The First Stone* falls directly into the HATERS on this forum. I hope that all the JEALOUS HATERS get some REALLY BAD KARMAR before the week is over. It must be PAINFUL to be so WEAK to carry that much HATE in your body, you *HATERS*.Kim, just look out at the CAMERA and smile, cuz everytime a NEGATIVE is wrtten, you make MILLIONS of DOLLARS. YeeeeeHaaaaa!!! You GO GIRL.


What will Kim be remembered for? MJ is always remembered for his music, Michael Duncan will be remembered for Green mile, Michael Johnson for 200 & 400m when he dies, David Beckham for soccer when he dies and so on & many....... I just mentioned real talents, what's Kim K's talent?


WHY would anyone expect she knows how to do anything that doesn't involve sex? She is despicable,
amoral, narcissistic and without any conscience.


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