Kim Kardashian on the Economy: Ummm....

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Kim Kardashian was at her most honest on CNBC last night.

Not spewing some nonsense about how she's new and improved and only interested in staying in, the reality star talked straight business, the one area we must admit her family knows a lot about.

"I’m trying to use social media to figure out what my fans like and make a brand for my fans," Kardashian said, admitting she uses Twitter and Facebook solely to bring home the bucks and talking about her 10 percent stake in new cosmetic line BoldFace.

What is Kim's take on the economy right now? Can she break it down for us, Bill Clinton style? Not exactly. Watch her respond to that question now:


LMFAO!!!!! hmmm ... Let's see. She's BEAUTIFUL. RICH. AND LOVES BLACK MEN. There's a lot to hate for you BROKE WEAK ASS RACIST Motha'Fuckas!!!!! LOL
Do your thing Gurl....and make'm sweat. In this world there are Players and Fans. The Haters are disgruntled fans and She's a Player making it happen. PERIOD!


WELLLLLL I think YALLL people who is talking Shit about KIm Kardashian is just jealous because one they can't make as much doe as she does and they will never live the same life as she does they wish they had billions and billions of cash to waste on their man ant buying shit so wat up like keep it real like if you make comments about somebody at least come out with your own show and lets see how good of a job you do and let me see you make more money than kim in a year BUT GUESS WAATTT you can't yall just want to act like yall have alot more than her well wish you did but lets face just give it up CUZZ YAALL CAAN NEVVEERRR BEEE LLLIKE KIM KARDASHIAN OR ANY OF HER FAMILY PLUS YALL WILL NEVER HAVE ALOT OF MONEY LIKE KIM AND PLUS YALL JUST JEALOUS BECUZ YALL CHEAPP AS HELL AND BUY SHIT SO JUST GET OVER YOURSELVES AND SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!


Well...It is what it is...Not hating..Letting the interview speak for itself. But I do watch her shows and read her articles.


She is more concern about her fans likes and dislikes,than this country's economy.


Guys don't be Cruel some of your comments are out of Jeolousy. Kim will not harm a fly . Don't read stuff or watch her shows if you hate her that much.Kim they envy u go girl


You say bad things about Kim and yet you love to watch and follow posts about her. Why is that? I see another Michaeld Jackson here. The day she dies you will all be crying RIP Kimmy, you are so beautiful, enterpsing and loving. God bless you! We miss you..! Ha ha ahaaaa! Do your internal search before commenting


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