Kim Kardashian on the Economy: Ummm....

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Kim Kardashian was at her most honest on CNBC last night.

Not spewing some nonsense about how she's new and improved and only interested in staying in, the reality star talked straight business, the one area we must admit her family knows a lot about.

"I’m trying to use social media to figure out what my fans like and make a brand for my fans," Kardashian said, admitting she uses Twitter and Facebook solely to bring home the bucks and talking about her 10 percent stake in new cosmetic line BoldFace.

What is Kim's take on the economy right now? Can she break it down for us, Bill Clinton style? Not exactly. Watch her respond to that question now:


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Kim Kardashian on the Economy: Ummm....
Now tell me it's not real!
Good luck!


Stacy - And for the record, I've always had a GREAT career that paid GOOD $$$. I live in a beautiful home on acreage in the country surrounded by woods and rose gardens galore. I've never flipped burgers, never received food stamps and have never been in a Dollar Tree, but it's easy to see you've done some of those things because of all of the information you seem to have about them. Drop the chip!!! It's become passe'. Intelligent people are evolving into a society that has no desire to be with uncivilized Drama Mamas because intelligent people have come to realize those who create drama are screwed up in their heads and are out of control. Educated people are coming to realize that life is short, and we'd rather be with calm peaceful people than Drama Mamas (or Daddys) any day. So get a grip and come into the present!!!


MOST of the Kardasians are proof that not all who are dumb are blondes. They live in a fantasy world that has little to do with REAL life that most people deal with daily, yet they're dumb enough not to realize that. Personally, I think that's why Mama is the agent for them all, because she realizes without her help, they wouldn't make it or would be with another agent who would easily be able to outsmart them and take advantage of them. As for hating them, NAW...I don't hate anyone. I just call 'em like I see 'em. Khloe is the only one worth a dang. I thought Kortney for a while, but because she's not smart enough to keep from getting knocked up by a loser while unmarried or to realize the best gift she can give her "beloved" children is the honor of marrying their father (or for God's sakes, to get a new guy who is worth a darn) - I now have my doubts about her too.


very nice pic


Wow, I find everyones comment hilarious on this recent page..hater? Really? Thats what your gonna call us people who arent ridin her D? Let me teach some of ya'll uneducated people something. This chick doesnt know the first thing about economics. And to Stace, first off I have a job, its not flippin burgers, and I dont have food stamps, stupid hoe! And as for you Angel...yeah give me my own show, itll show how a real person struggles, and earns money the HONEST way not spreadin my legs and f***in the next thing that comes along. Chasing "true love" around and always comin up short, silly hoes get what comes to them. And true be told...since when was any of this article about race...and from your complete ignorance Im going to go out on a limb and say your a black person with a complex and a rotten attitude trying to make something out to be what its not...?


Wow - now this is entertainment Kimmie! It's always the reactions to the stories about this woman (the comments) that I love to read. She is clearly another beautiful woman who is definitely adept at controlling and creating her media image, and turning it into a business. This clip is 100% KK - she is about as deep spiritually and intellectually as a mud puddle in the desert. Good for her that she is willing to objectify herself as a feminine role model, to make money. Seems to me that there are a lot of people out there more than willing to do the same. Does that mean we condemn her? Certainly not! She is doing that to her eternal soul all by herself. I so agree with you Queen of the Crows - you are wise beyond your years. bammer


She's more concern of her own business


All you burger flipping, food stamp collecting, Dollar Tree shopping ugly losers hating on Kim need serious help. Kim isn't famous because of the movie....LOOK AT HER!!! There is not one woman alive or that ever lived better looking than her, and THAT has been proven. Your husbands or boyfriends all think about her while they're in bed with you, SO GET OVER IT!!!!! Get outta your mom's trailers, go to school, and get a job!! Even then, Kim can wipe that gorgeous billion dollar ass of hers with what you will make in a year. Sucks to be ugly, huh?? HAHAHAHAHA Kim is here to say, suckas!!!


OMG, seriously you people think we are jealous and we are haters because some no-talent I have had sex with not just colored people,as suggested two posts up who cares but when your only claim to fame is your father tried and did get a known murder off of a double 1st degree murder charge and then died of a disease karma much. I am sorry for them but get off of it so-called fan base she is a no talent phenom and she does use people and obviously really doesn't have a handle on economics, thank God for Scott and Kourtney and Klohe, she is so busy running around with her aging head up her ass trying to find "true Love" she isn't paying attention to her one and only true fan base...her family. 68 million on a farce and millions of starving people in America the wedding cake alone could have helped a shelter for a year. NOW that's economics.


FUCK THE ECONOMY! This Bitch is BALL'N. All Y'all can do is PAY THE FEE, WATCH, LOVE IT or HATE IT. In the meantime her Bank Account get's swollen.... while she rides up on top of what almost every woman secretly desires. "Good Look'n Rich Black Cock!" :-) ... there is no substitute. And that's what the Haters Hate the most.


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