Kim Kardashian: I'm New and Improved!

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Kim Kardashian was a guest on The View this afternoon.

Sorry, the NEW and IMPROVED Kim Kardashian, we should say, as the reality star responded to questions about her divorce from Kris Humphries by rattling on about how she's changed SO much since that relationship and how she now values the "small things" in life, such as "time."

What about Kanye West?

Kardashian said she hopes she is now in a "permanent relationship" with the rapper who appreciates her porn career and explained her recent gift to him of a Lamborghini by explaining:

"He’s been there to support me through so much. It’s not about all the material things and I really thought he should have it."

Wait... what? Even for someone who thinks a reality star deserves a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, that quotes makes no sense.

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This nitwit opens her mouth and nothing comes out. I didn't watch the clip or do I watch The View so I know I didn't miss anything. She needs to go away and never come back. Oh yea, the girl is not famous, she's infamous. She sucked dick and had intercourse with Ray J, made a tape out of it and sold it. That is all she's known for.


I agree with all the above.Whats it gonna take to shut that whore bag up? If media outlets continue to put this cunt and friends on tv in every aspect(news/gossip/cable bs) this I let ray j.....Ray J run up in me and tape it......bitch will keep getting attention.I think if people are real about putting a cork in her artificially inflated ass then start rejecting the bullshit articles like above and make the media accountable!Poof be gone kim Whoredouchian!


I'm very surprised to see her as Second Day guest on The View. The Gypsies must have paid ABC big bucks for that to happen and my opinion of Barbara went down a notch. That said, she lied through her teeth the whole time. When you look up or to your left, you're lying. Simple human physiology.


She's always been a money hungry skank and that's exactly what she still is today. She divorced Kris Humphries b/c he wasn't working when they were married. Today, she is STILL obsessed with money, celebrity, etc. If materialistic things weren't important, she wouldn't have bought Kanye a $750K status car! From her hair extensions to her false eyelashes, she is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE and the most annoying person on the planet. You may as well go into porn because that's where your trashy a$$ belongs...NOT on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Get over yourself!


you are spot on Lee. She is a Hoe, will always be a Hoe and I cannot stand her and Kanye. They should go away and not be photograhed so much, as who gives a shit about them. she makes me nauseous.
Both phoney baloneys!!!!


Good one Lee i agree with everything u said.... Lol


She's changed so much? Yeah, she's more fucking irritating than ever!!! Surprised she didn't show up in a bikini. Sleazy hoebag.