Kim Kardashian: I'm New and Improved!

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Kim Kardashian was a guest on The View this afternoon.

Sorry, the NEW and IMPROVED Kim Kardashian, we should say, as the reality star responded to questions about her divorce from Kris Humphries by rattling on about how she's changed SO much since that relationship and how she now values the "small things" in life, such as "time."

What about Kanye West?

Kardashian said she hopes she is now in a "permanent relationship" with the rapper who appreciates her porn career and explained her recent gift to him of a Lamborghini by explaining:

"He’s been there to support me through so much. It’s not about all the material things and I really thought he should have it."

Wait... what? Even for someone who thinks a reality star deserves a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, that quotes makes no sense.


Money is not everything Stacey. Some ppl would never sell their soul by putting out a sex tape. Not even for all of Kim K's money. They are raised to hold themselves to a higher standard that Kim K does not. Some, like yourself, can't understand this or simply were raised differently. But hey, we all have to live w/ our decisions...hopefully with a clear conscience. It's sad to me that young women today are willing to demean themselves this way. I guess if it gets you a nice house, clothes or car then it's ok. Sad.


At the end of the day she is the most gorgeous woman to ever live and is rich because of it!! Nothing to do with her tape. So keep hating on her from your mommy's basement while she laughs it up in one of her million dollar mansions!!!! :-D GAWD people don't you have toilets to scrub? LOL jealous children!!


I love this lady she is so funy :D keep on updating about her cause im enjoying her lifestyle


Why do media outlets give her the attention she. So desperately craves but of which she is so undeserving? A sex tape marketed by her mother famous for nothing else and suggests that material things don't matter????? Really. Who is buying her bs? She has no talent, no character and no integrity....again, why are these outlets giving her the time of day? Absolutely pathetic and an insipid waste of human capital.


umm okay who brags about doing a porno with a black dude???? i mean except for white trash lol :( This pig is an embarrasment to our gender period


lol... I just came to read all the hilarious comments... glad I didn't have to read about how everyone who doesn't like her is a hater. I think she is a beeyatch




Oh Lord. She's so deluded. Almost looking forward to the day REAL reality slaps her in the face.


20 years ago some stupid hobag doing a sex tape w/ a 'sootback would have gotten her shuned from sight now its celebtrated.Shows how far and low our society has become.Funny and apropriate that she be interviewed by fello turd-bone lover Babba Walhoe-who was screwing a married black congressman.


New & improved- wrong x 2

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