Kim Kardashian Hollywood Walk of Fame Dreams: Crushed!

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Kim Kardashian made it clear in a recent interview with V: She wants to one day earn herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Is this in any way plausible? A chamber of commerce rep was asked that question by The Hollywood Reporter and essentially responded: No, not unless Kardashian, you know, actually accomplishes something.

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"Part of criteria in being honored is receiving awards such as Emmys, SAG Awards, Oscars, etc. in the category of television, live-stage performance or motion pictures," said this person in the know. "They have to have a career in the business of acting for five years or more."

Kardashian has (unfortunately) guest-starred on How I Met Your Mother and Drop Dead Diva. She'll even make an appearance in an upcoming Tyler Perry movie.

If that's not enough, would Kardashian's career in front of E! cameras qualify her for a spot alongside the legends of Hollywood Boulevard? Could reality stars ever be treated in such high regard? The rep offered a simple answer:

That's "not on our radar right now."

Sorry, Kim. We hate to be the bearer of such bad, obvious news. (Editor's Note: That's not true. We enjoy it.)


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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Walk of Fame Dreams: Crushed!
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to get a star you have to have talent....they don't give stars for just having a big ass and big boobs!!!


HA HA Damn!!! Kim thought since she slept her way into films, spotlights, and etc that she deserve a star. Kim, you are the true definition of a high priced prostitue not a person with talent.


An award buys u how much of a car? It does not even buy a cup of coffee go Kim make the fortune America
Keeps paying for and screw the fpwalk of fame.


Seriously if kim was to get a hollywood walk of fame star, what's the point in talented people being talented? Working hard to nail a part in a movie! For going to study drama/dance ect... She's famous for having a sex movie and then her mum branded her and that's that! It would just be an insult to the likes of de'niro, pacino, marilyn, and all the great hollywood stars! For kim to even thonk it is insulting! Lol x

Avatar just took ignorant to a whole other level. Real stars have a little thing called TALENT. Being famous and being a star are two different things. She's more beautiful than the rest of the celebrities so she's no less of a star? My IQ dropped about 30 points just reading that. And Kim may be gorgeous, but there ARE tons of celebrities better looking than her who have talent other than sucking off rap artists.


Why so much hatred toward her??? She's an actress, no? Just because she's more beautiful than the rest of the celebrities and hasn't been in 4 star movies doesn't make her any less of a star. When you look like THAT do you really need to do much else? She IS famous enough for a star, let her have it!!!


I got a great idea! Send an envelope saying she's getting a star. I mean pull out all the stops!!!! Than while the work is watching in awe amazed that she's actually getting a star , in the middle of her speech, Kanye grabs the star and says you dont deserve this.... Ashton comes and says BITCHES. YOU'VE ALL BEEN PUNKED!!!!!! Now that's definately something I'd tune in to....


I had no idea that you were a woman. My apologies. Take care.


Maybe she can leave a hugh butt print, at The Hollywood Chinese Theater.


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