Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Involved in Sex Tape Kover-Up?

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Breaking news: there's a Kim Kardashian sex tape in existence.

Ummm.... another Kim Kardashian sex tape, that is.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Twit Pic

A shocking new report goes into detail regarding the Kanye West sex tape that the rapper's rep admits is in existence.

Up until now, it had been believed that model Mony Monn was the woman getting it on with the artist in the video.

But insiders now claim Monn was actually convinced by West and Kardashian to fake her involvement because the actual sex tape participant is… Kim!

And if word got out that Kim had filmed a sex tape with Kanye while she was still married to Kris Humphries, she would likely lose millions of dollars in that ex-couple's ongoing divorce case.

On grounds of infidelity, Humphries would be permitted to void the prenuptial agreement that currently limits his break-up haul.

This story goes as far as to say that Monn was provided with previously unreleased photos of Kardashian to mix in with her own pictures on Facebook in order to really confuse the public and "prove" she and Kim merely lookalike.

Which is pretty damning evidence against the validity of this assertion.

Because, come on. Are there really any unreleased Kim Kardashian photos out there?!?


This really shouldn't be a shocker to anyone out there. Seriously, she's made a sex tape before, so why's it surprise anyone she'd do it again?


This is really no big deal. Most home made porn movies are of poor quality. My having made a few porn videos back when I was in college to make mad money you need production capabilities similar to those in the valley / San Fernando Valley, Ca.

@ Alexia

Yep, that's what is wrong is a question of poor quality. You poor little soiled dove, tell me what degree did you earn once you excited your college days? Was it a degree in self respect? But, then I do see that you know just how to fix your grainy porn flicks. Bravo to you, you upstanding member of the Penicillin Brigade.

@ johnwayne1

johnwayne, I love your comment. Thank you for eloquently expressing what I thought when I read it. I love the way you stated it.

@ No lie

I thought I would get an intelligent argument from my little soiled dove with the college degree, probably paid for in part by the government grants, but that did not happen. I suppose she folds up that porn paid for degree when the sun sets and she flips back over on her...well back.


Can we all agree to not give a $hit about these people and their home made movies!

@ Lking

I always look at the stories because the comments sections of them can be fun and entertaining to read, so thank you for this. I'm with you.yes, I am on boar I officially truly do not give a single shit about these people and their sex lives. I could not be paid enough to care.Or even to pretend to care. I simply not being paid enough to do so.


Come on! Who are we kidding? Would y'all just get over the alpha sex tape of kim and ray J and move on. If y'all want her and kanye to give you one, ask her. I for one would not be averse to seeing it.

@ Valleri


@ johnwayne1

I concur. Feeling quite ill now. No, now.

@ double eww

I just want to know who is Ray J and what is an Alpha Tape? It is a mystery to me what makes Valleri tick. Just Ew.


Well if it is Kim and Kanye who cares, their together, and seems like they have a healthy relationship and Kim does want to be married to Kanye one day when her divorce is final. And for Kris, isn't he seeing someone too???


Kim can cover up my nuts with her mouth any day

@ Hoe-rizon

@Hoe-rizon...Better wear a condom, bubble wrap it and wear a tin foil hat.

@ Hoe-rizon

And no doubt she would be happy to do so, and why not? She's had everyone else's nuts in her mouth, so why not yours?

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