Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Involved in Sex Tape Kover-Up?

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Breaking news: there's a Kim Kardashian sex tape in existence.

Ummm.... another Kim Kardashian sex tape, that is.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Twit Pic

A shocking new report goes into detail regarding the Kanye West sex tape that the rapper's rep admits is in existence.

Up until now, it had been believed that model Mony Monn was the woman getting it on with the artist in the video.

But insiders now claim Monn was actually convinced by West and Kardashian to fake her involvement because the actual sex tape participant is… Kim!

And if word got out that Kim had filmed a sex tape with Kanye while she was still married to Kris Humphries, she would likely lose millions of dollars in that ex-couple's ongoing divorce case.

On grounds of infidelity, Humphries would be permitted to void the prenuptial agreement that currently limits his break-up haul.

This story goes as far as to say that Monn was provided with previously unreleased photos of Kardashian to mix in with her own pictures on Facebook in order to really confuse the public and "prove" she and Kim merely lookalike.

Which is pretty damning evidence against the validity of this assertion.

Because, come on. Are there really any unreleased Kim Kardashian photos out there?!?


Kim Whoredashian could do anything to remain relevant and for their show ratings. How are we sure she wasn't the cow behind this whole sextape theft? Its also possible she could be the Mony Monn. They are talentless media hoes!


wish kim and kanye would make a porn together!

@ Hyde

i know would that not be incredible. i can imagine it already but knowing the both of them it must wild


@Bigblackchick......speak for yourself. People with class keep what they done in private. Kim and Kayne just want ppl to talk about them, n I knew it was that bitch from the get go....f_cking look alike my ass. Smh On the real, they dont act like adults, they wanna be J and Beyonce, but dont have the class they do.


Is she unable to perform doing anything without a camera going - including boinking??? You'd have thought she would have learned the last time. Stupid broad!!!


@Bigblackchick, Reread the comments, no one told her how to live or not live her life. It is only the whole world's "bizness" because she posted for us to read. I don't really care who has or doesn't have a tape of sex, but if they then tell it in such a public forum then they must need someone to comment on it and so we did.


Wats y'all bizness wt the sextape?mst u tell her hw to live her life huh? A lot of y'all did sextape nd nobdy complainz..why worryin abt kim an k?

@ Bigblackchick

Because it's not good bizness Bigblackchick. If Humphries' attorneys can prove it's her, she's going to lose millions to him because it will void the prenup. You do understand THAT bizness, don't you? It just wasn't a SMART bizness move on her part, and Kanye should have known better too.


...I like...This really...:)I love the way You stated it...:)


I heard the CDC is desperately tying to come up with a Super Shot of Penicillin. Her girl germs have become immune to all other antibiotics.


her fame is dwindling & there trying to send out propaganda to help her rep, since her fake wedding & hooking up with that Super DOUCHE Kayne West...
her reputation & fame is dying..or dead ..


Yawn. Once a slimy bed hopper, well...always a slimy bed hopper. I'm sure her father is very proud.

@ johnwayne1

Why is it dat kim cnt av sex without filmin herself seriously filmin urself while havin sex is so stupid well if any1 tells me dat kim filmed herself while havin sex i will belive it bco dis isn't d first time she is filmin herself

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