Khloe Kardashian: My Family Hates Me!

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Take comfort, Kourtney Kardashian.

You aren't the only talent-free reality star to feel all alone these days.

According to Kardashian insiders, Khloe is miserable at the moment, actually screaming during a recent fight with her supposed loved ones: "My family hates me!"

Hey, Khloe Kardashian!

What's the source of this anger?

Khloe's fertility issues, which a friend says have landed her in therapy and which have allegedly led to Kris Jenner suggesting Kim Kardashian get knocked up in order to create drama for the show.

“Kris sank so low as to suggest that Kim get pregnant in order to hurt Khloe and create tension in the family for ratings,” claims a source. “Khloe has been a wreck over not being able to get pregnant, and Kris hasn’t been there for Khloe in the least.”

We'd chalk this report up as nonsense... but have you ever met Kris Jenner? We put nothing past her.


Yep, I hate you too, and your whole nasty family!


The motivation behind having a child should never be something as ridiculous as improved ratings. Even though the Kardashians put everything out there, infertility is a real issue that affects so many people and even though a lot of the drama on their show is contrived, I think it's wrong to trivialize Khloe's problems with infertility (or anyone else's struggle with it in the process) and I really sympathize with her, just as I do with anyone going through this painful experience, silly TV show or no silly TV show. Like you said, I put nothing past Kris Jenner... she's like Dina Lohan and after knowing their moms, you can't put 100% of the blame on the Kardashian girls or on Lindsay Lohan because upbringing has a lot to do with what you believe and the way you behave in adulthood.


I don't think any of the Kardashians could ever be accused of being "sweet".


Hope it's not true! she's such a sweet girl :( hope she get's out of this well.


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