Khloe Kardashian Konsidered Leading Kandidate to Host The X Factor

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Faced with new competition from The Voice and in need of a ratings splash, The X Factor is reportedly close to giving control of its stage over to a Kardashian.

Indeed, not only is Khloe a candidate, TMZ confirms from a previous rumor, she's the competition's front-runner for female hosting duties!

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The X Factor is expected to name one female and one male host, and sources say Khloe's recent screen test impressed Simon Cowell and other producers.

Along with new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, show insiders believe Kardashian would help lure in fresh, young viewers. One person in the know tells TMZ "there's at least an 85% chance" Khloe is named co-host.

A decision is needed in the near future, as The X Factor will need hosts in place when it goes live next month. (Season 2 premieres over two nights, September 12 and 13, next week.)

Do you want to see Khloe Kardashian as X Factor host?


come on whats next, are we gona bring the avengers to host next year..whatever


Hell yea make kloe an x factor judge cause them kardashians r kool n funny


How about someone like "Pink" who has talent.


What are they thinking. He what is on in that time slot. Anything is better than this. Maybe I'll watch reruns of the brady bunch! Gotta be better


No talent judging talent? hmmmmm This show really sucks.


NO, please!


hello isnt anybody getting the point khloe isnt a singer what gives her the right to judge singers? sick of this stupid fecking family they need to all feck off


Khloe doesn’t seem like that bad of a choice to host the show when I think about it. The host just has to be good enough to keep the show moving and her last name brings the added viewers that make up for any mistakes she makes. My officemates at Dish don’t agree with me but I think making her the host is a good idea to help boost The X Factor’s ratings. It does have to compete with The Voice next week so any extra viewers they can get may help in the end. I actually like The Voice and X Factor so I turned on Prime Time Anytime on my Hopper DVR so I can watch both. I think the real problem X Factor has this season is Britney. They better hope she doesn’t drive the ratings into the ground this season.




Okay.I wasnt gonna watch that garbage anyway....better incentive not to watch....jeez the amazon one folks?

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