Kelly Clarkson Goes Gaga in Houston

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Kelly Clarkson went Gaga during a concert in Houston on Friday night.

Lady Gaga, that is!

The singer took her incredible act to her home state of Texas over the weekend and continued to honor fan requests, as she's done so all summer long at stops in Illinois ("Cry Me a River") and Virgina ("No Scrubs").

This time, the evening's cover focused on the music world's most eccentric Twitter user, with Clarkson risking the wrath of 25 million Little Monsters. Did she deserve their admiration or their ire following a version of "You and I?" Decide for yourself now:


Kelly has the gift of taking a great song and making it her own. Because she is so talented she can do that. Not too many out there can. What gets me is, Kelly only learns and rehearses the song the day of her concert. How many artists out there can do that?? Let's face it, Kelly is one of the most talented/gifted female vocalists out there. And Kelly has always admired LG's talent..


You people are joking, right? Kelly Clarkson is not rusty or dusty, and is certainly not a wannabe. She's still very popular, and has more record sales than more than half of the music industry. She's the greatest American Idol singer, and she'll continue to make amazing music, probably until the day she dies. This video proves that Kelly Clarkson can take on anyone else's music and make it even better than it was. And I think she looks great. There's nothing wrong with the way she's dressed.


Im sick of kelly! Wat is sh tryn 2acomplish? Shs jst a rusty,dusty has been and is nw a wannabe, NEXT!


this was meant as an american joke?


Too tight of dress

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