Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season Finale Recap: Kourtney Gives Birth!!

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Sunday on the season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick became parents for a second time. Congrats, kids.

Elsewhere, Bruce was honored for his pre-Kardashian achievements, Khloe followed up with a fertility specialists and Kim decided to freeze her eggs. Nice.

How did it all end? What else went down in La-La land?

We break it all down for you in THG's official +/- recap!

Disick and Kourtney
Kourtney Kardashian, Daughter

Bruce Jenner was honored during the U.S. Olympic trials and his decathlon gold medal glory is forever immortalized in a University of Oregon museum. Plus 25.

"Being able to see him around all these people who are so excited and that witnessed what he had accomplished ... it was a really special moment and I will absolutely never forget that." - Bruce's newly-married son Brandon Jenner. Plus 15.

He was also voted Father of the Year by Esquire. A bit of an odd call given that he has six kids by three marriages, but still, hard not to like Bruce-man. Plus 15.

Kris, meanwhile, receives a certificate confirming her “Momager” title. “I’m a Momager people, have a little respect!” she declares. No. Just no. Minus 550.

Khloe gets herself checked out with ultrasounds and other tests so that one day, she can produce a child of her own. Hope that works out for her. Plus 20.

Kim decides to freeze her eggs, because you know, she doesn't want kids now but down the road she may need one or two. We've got nothing. Minus 15.

Kanye West gets grilled by Khloe Kardashian at Kourt's baby shower about whether or not the rapper wants to have children. Spoiler Alert: He does!!! Plus 5.

The time has come. "You're gonna feel a lot skinnier in a couple of hours," says Scott to his baby mama. Jessica Simpson is so jealous right now. Minus 10.

At last. Kourtney delivers Penelope Scotland Disick and she is pretty perfect. Plus 100, and here's hoping her parents always treat her like a princess.

She even won over big brother Mason! Cute overload! Plus 20.

"Why is the baby in that crib, Mommy?" - Mase. Plus 10.

"Her name is sister." - Mase. Plus 5.



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Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season Finale Recap: Kourtney Gives Birth!!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


i read somewhere else that watching these whores is like watching a wreck, but with humans. lol. it's so true. only someone with a very low IQ or low self-esteem could have any appreciation for these trash bags. money or not, i wouldn't wish their lives on my worst enemy. yuck, i need to go bleach my brain now for having even thought about the pigtrashians


That mean shes crying out for attention in shes turning out just like her mother ?? Should we even think this hard damn this show is addicting in thats a bad thing


Okay do we really see the kardashians still a sex symbol ??? If kim going to come out on this season with less clothes does that


-kourtney is a great mom, and she is so beautiful! But the name penelope? C'mon now..
-Scott is an asshole! Go to hell!
-kris is a cool mom, deff! But missing a few screws.
-kim is disgusting, yuck.. giving Ray J head in her sex vid and she uses ass pads. Her ass is never near as big when shes wearing a bikini.
-bruce is a good man, they should treat him better.
-khloe is my fav, so down to earth.. But seriously.. An african american husband? God is preventing you from having kids because mixing races is A SIN!!!
-rob is a cutie! Love the tats, but get your own house!
-kendall will deff be a model in a few years.
-kylie is still a kid, nothing bad to say :)
-mase is such a cutie boy, but kourt dresses him like a girl, im glad she finally had a girl so mase looks like a boy now
-kanye is only using kim for sex, he watched her sex tape while he fucked other chicks.
They all have pros and cons.
Kardashians are so LOOPY!
kim and khloe., date and marry your own race!!!!

@ Ashley

You are retarded."Mixed race is a sin"?and what's wrong with marrying an african american?run your bigoted mouth elsewhere


Baby Mase is pretty darn cute, I loved seeing his interactions with his new baby sister. I thought it was funny that Kris became recognized as a “momager,� it definitely is fitting. The whole conversation with Kanye seemed extremely weird, like it wasn’t even him talking. It was fun discussing this show with my coworkers at Dish today. Luckily I was able to record it on my Hopper, because when I played it back I was able to start watching on my living room TV and then continue watching, right where I left off on any TV in my house.

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