Katie Couric: Kate Middleton Too Thin, "Needs to Eat More"

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Discussing her new show Katie and which celebrities she'd like to interview, Katie Couric made some surprisingly candid remarks about one in particular.

"I think it would be interesting to interview Kate Middleton because she has comported herself so well since she has been thrust in the limelight," she said.

However, she added, "I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin.”

Gorgeous Kate Middleton
Skinny Kate Middleton

Royal sources consistently reiterate that there is no problem with Kate's dietary habits, yet speculation and discussion about Kate's slender frame persist.

Some even think it may be at least part of the reason that the newlyweds have yet to become pregnant, despite their expressed desire to start a family.

It is not clear why Couric - who was granted exclusive access to the Royals for her ABC News Special - would have made the extraordinary comments.

She surely meant no harm, but the weight topic is a sensitive one to say the least at the palace, especially given Princess Diana's battle with bulimia.

Kate Middleton is not bulimic, obviously, and even seems to have put on (a little) weight in the past few weeks, though she remains naturally thin.

The palace has not yet responded to Couric's comments. What do you think? Is she out of line? Leave a comment and vote in the survey below:

Kate Middleton: Too Thin?

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In my posting from a few minutes ago, I meant to use the word to in-between the words how and keep. MY BAD!!!!!


Part 2:
Anyway, I mainly just wanted to say if someone was struggling with being over weight, you wouldn't comment on their weight because you know it would hurt there feelings, right? You wouldn't nick name them tubs or whisper behind their back "wow is he/she fat" (at least I hope you wouldn't), so why do you think it's okay to talk about someone who's naturally thin? It hurts just as much, it makes us just as self conscious, feel just as unattractive, and completely anxious if for some reason you have to pee after you eat. It's just rude!!!! Leave people alone. God made people of all different shapes, sizes, colors, sexes, heights, etc for a reason and they are ALL beautiful. Only one's private medical doctor should be allowed to comment about their weight if there is a valid medical concern. Everyone else should shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you Katie!!!!


Kate looks FABULOUS!!!!! And, Kate is STILL a much-needed breath of fresh air in that stuffy and lame-ass Royal Family. Remember...William and Kate are happily married. Katie Couric is a whiny, power-hungry and annoying airhead/control freak/diva who does not know how keep or hang on to a man. And, more and more, Katie keeps driving men away with her ridiculous high-maintenance demands. Katie...SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!


Why is Katie opening a can of worms. I guess she is so unsure of herself she has to find a target to start some kind of negative conversation about Kate. I totally agree with Jinko and Ken 1 -I WAS looking forward to her new show but if this trash fest is what to be expected - No Thanks.


I Blame the media for a lot of Princess Di's problems. The media was on her from the get go. Now what? Your going to start on Princess Kate? Leave her and Prince Phillip alone. Please!


Nothing wrong with kate i wish i had her looks she is lovely


Seriously Katie? You mention how she's handled herself so well in the spotlight and then follow it up by judging her physical appearance and making an ignorant statement about her eating habits? :/ Bravo.


Perhaps if Ms. Couric were young and athletic she would be very thin as well. I think Kate Middleton looks fantastic, leave her alone.


Hatie Katie should shut up, fix those ugly, Hugh gums, and tacky, over-massacred, stubby eyelashes. She has never looked as good as Kate, and now that she is so old, never will!


Why? To look American?

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