Kate Middleton Topless Photos Published; Duchess "Saddened" By Invasion of Privacy

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are "hugely saddened" over the "grotesque, unjustifiable invasion of privacy" by a magazine publishing topless photos of Kate.

French publication Closer printed the Kate Middleton pictures, taken during their holiday at the French chateau of the Queen's nephew, Lord Linley.

The photos are blurry and taken with a long lens, but there are four pages of photos of the couple, with Kate Middleton topless in several of them.

Kate Middleton Smiles

A spokesman for Clarence House, the Prince of Wales' office, confirmed the existence of the photos and the fact that the couple is reeling because of them:

"The incident is reminiscent of the worst excess of the paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, and all the more upsetting to the Duke and Duchess for being so."

"Their Royal Highnesses had every expectation of privacy in the remote house. It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them."

"Officials acting on behalf of their Royal Highnesses are consulting with lawyers to consider what options may be available to the Duke and Duchess."

There's now stopping the publication now, in any case. See the grainy, censored but nevertheless NSFW Kate Middleton photos after the jump:

Kate Middleton Topless PicKate Middleton ToplessKate Middleton Topless PicsKate Middleton Topless PhotoKate Middleton and Prince William ToplessKate Middleton NudeKate Middleton, No TopKate Middleton CloserKate Middleton Bikini Photo

British newspapers were offered the photos last week but turned them down. Similarly, all but the Sun refused to run the Prince Harry naked photos.

The shocking photo leak comes during the couple's Asia trip and amid the persistent pregnancy rumors that follow Kate, who is said to be very upset.

Royal officials believe a "red line" has been crossed this time, and "there has been a significant hardening of William and Kate's response."

UPDATE: Kate Middleton is suing for breach of privacy.


they lost thier respect after all their belonging to royal family.


You'd think after the way the paparazzi dogged William's mother which eventually led to her death, these two would be more wise to the devices of the rabid beasts and would be careful never to present anything anywhere they didn't want shared with the entire world.


I'd suggest it's a silly, pointless issue. Whatever they did together, be it nude, semi-nude or even the sex photos that are being rumored to exist, whoooo cares? They're a healthy, attractive married couple, and if they're outside, the odds of photos being taken always exists. If they catch a photo of Kate with another dude, then you got something. Next time, have a canopy, or something to protect their privacy if they don't wanna get caught. Besides, Kate has little boobies, who cares? She's a pretty girl, it's not a big deal!


She's an idiot afterall. You know Papprazi are everywhere and doing their job. The Douchessne had to think better than that and be aware of their reputation.


She has to know shes famous the cameras are never far behind.You call her bad choice,first lady quality,hog wash.

@ Dina

Everyone calling her an idiot, the papprazi's are going too far, she is in a private place with the love of her life, am sure she wasn't thinking of anyone else, but the spur of the moment, if they zoomed in on her and saw what they did, they shouldn't have released the photos, it's the same situation as if you stayed in a hotel with your man/woman only to have a hidden camera watching your every move, why the hell were they following her on her honeymoon? we don't need to know every little detail of their lives, we watched the wedding, now let them live their lives in peace.


She knows the paps r always out there why go topless,huh,seems shes an idiot afterall.


I would love to suck those royal nipples.


this just goes to show what dirt bags the french(canadian, too) are. they have screwed us and the rest of the world since our American Revolution. they need to dry up and blow away....


is this another bad crime of the horsey camilla n charles coz they dont like prince william n princess kate the be d next king n queen of england how this 2 criminal can swallow this charles to scandal his own son n daughter in law in favor of his horsey whore!bitch camilla,the r so horrible n cruel on how the princess of the world diana die,is why it shows on their face already knowing they r the true living demons behind our princess of the world Ms.Diana,be strong kate if ur pregnant,dont make this 2 demons will affect u bec. of the tittle if queen elizabeth will turn over to Prince willian n u kate,dont make urself to be upset n worried,were concern to u n ur coming childr if ur true preggy,this 2 living demons are very griddy of cash n power,God is not will give u justice,keep on praying...


Kate and Harry have nothing to be ashamed of. In this time of 300-450 lb women and men walking around in belly and I mean big, big belly shirts, it is refreshing to see young fit people, no matter what stage of dress they are in. What is going to happen when Kate becomes a mother and elects to breast feed? As regards privacy, it has become a problem with an unsolveable solution----for everyone.

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