Kate Middleton and Prince William Sex Photos on the Way?!?

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Photos of Kate Middleton topless are heating up the Internet and incensing the Royal Family, with a lawsuit already underway against French tabloid Closer for daring to run such private images.

However, according to that magazine's editor, Laurence Pieau, the newlyweds should actually be grateful... because this scandal could be a lot messier! And a lot more naked..

The Prince and Kate Middleton

"I won't hide the fact that there are more intimate pictures that exist that we haven't published and will not publish," Pieau claims in a video interview. "These images are full of joy, not degrading."

You don't need to be Ray J to read between the lines of that statement.

Does Pieau really expect us to believe William and Kate were fornicating anywhere remotely public? And that she is withholding these joyful images out of sudden respect for the young couple?

The far more likely scenario is this: Pieau is bluffing a threat against the Palace in an attempt to stave off a lawsuit. Talk about a dangerous - and potentially HOT! - game of chicken.

THG will keep readers apprised of all the Royally topless, sexual, legal news as it breaks.


why are there problems.
........BE PROUD OF YOUR WIFE, william. so we can too.


If it was in the privacy of their own home....than sure enough the papz wouldn't have the right to take out pics. However this wasn't in the privacy of their own home...so common sense would tell you to be more cautious when acting mad especially if your royalty!....so basically her chances of winning aren't looking very good....but than again she is royalty..shed probably pay of the judges


Where is sex photo of them. She is better than him.


Please leave the princess and Prince William alone bad enuf that his beloved mother was harassed and died because of the poparazzi.They are human just as you and I. They are in love and are going to show that love .Only a pervert would take a photo like that.


In the privacy of a home you should be able to do whatever and this is nothing short of violiation of privacy and should be dealt with seriously. They are a newly wed couple and deserve privacy in their home. It is despicable for whoever took these pics and even more despicable for whoever published them. Hopefully they will pay for it. MB


They were at a private home, when she took off her bikini top she thought the only person that would see would be her husband, i think its sad that the paps violated their privacy and took topless photos off her, she is beautiful, i hope she wins the law suit


So I have total respect for Kate Middleton...however common sense is if your gonna go outside naked your bound to be caught especially if your chocolate cake in the public eye!.....so basically kate if you didn't want your boobs revealed walk naked within closed doors! #CommonSense


@MirandaArgent: Kate is suing the tabloid for the photos. I don't think we're the ones making it into a big deal. Direct your comment to the Royal Family perhaps.


Grow up people! This is not a "scandal". England and Europe have a more mature attitude about nudity. Furthermore, Kate was at a private home, not out on the street. Whoever took these pics is pretty despicable. Leave Kate alone!

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