Kate Gosselin Posts Pic of Daughter in High Heels, Twitter Fans Freak Out

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Kate Gosselin tweeted a photo of her 11-year-old daughter Mady trying on her high heels this weekend, and many of her Twitter followers were not big fans.

Much like Jessica Simpson's baby bikini photo, some people say she went too far.

In Kate's case, the seemingly innocent pic shows Mady's bare legs in mom's heels:

Kate Gosselin, Daughter, Legs

The mother of eight tweeted with the photo: "hafta make u guess who just HAD to try on my heels that I just unpacked from my bag tonight... Starts w an 'M."

Many of her followers were less than impressed.

A vocal Kate critic wrote: "What Mom showcases her 11 yr old's legs to 100,000 Twitter followers with all the pedophiles out there, wearing Mom's high heels!"

Some stood up for the reality star turned Fashion Week runway model.

"I guess I'm truly NOT SEEIN what they see! Nothin abt that sent off any alarm 4me. Just a kid in heels," one defender said. What's your take? Tell us below!

What do you think of Kate Gosselin's photo, posted above?


Who in the world are we to judge anyone? My grandchildren wear their mothers heels and it's just fine to play dress up. LEAVE THEM ALONE AND GET A LIFE!


Please Kate, et al, no one is freaking out over nothing. The posts about everyone being crazy about Mady's photo in high heels sound so manic amd crazy. Calm down Kate, et al. People are expressing a calm difference of opinion. I suggest Kate et al try the same approach?


I think that everyone that is making a fuss out of this is people with nothing better to do than start problems for others. There is nothing wrong with posting a picture of her daughter trying on her high heel. The child's leg is all that is showed and if anyone wants to through out there the perverts out there that may be looking, then guess what people you better not walk outside, don't take your kids to town. Everywhere you go someone is going to be looking at you and you do not know what they are thinking. For that matter, home school your kids, cause the kid setting beside yours may grow up to be a perv.Let kids be kids.


At least Kim Kardashian has 3 million plus twitter followers to Kate Gosselins begged and pleaded for 100,000. And Kate Gosselin still does not get the message? No Kate, this is not bullying, this is a fact. Kate, if the only way you can stay in the tabloids is by posting your children, talking about your divorce, talking about Jon, and constantly telling us that you are bullied and misunderstood, and you feel comfortable doing this,then keep it coming. This behavior certainly does nothing to change the negative perception of hearing the name Gosselin.


This from a woman who had a meltdown in Disney world because the kids got ice cream on themselves, and this from a woman who bought this huge house so she could have a bedroom that the kids couldnt get into.........this from a woman who didn't buy herself clothes now is not only letting her daughter in her room, she letting her try on her shoes and taking pictures of it.......


Seriously? You people are up in arms about her posting a picture of her 11 year old in heals? Get over it, I am sure you played dress up, it's harmless. This is one time I am siding with Kate, you people need to get a life if you think it's inappropriate same with Jessica's baby in a bikini, get over it people, worry about people that are abusing kids not harmless dress up!


OMG people are freaking for absolutely nothing!! It is a basic childhood instinct to play dress up, and years before there were toys and costumes that are sold for that purpose and even after there were, Mom and dad's clothes have always been the main toy. Children want to imagine themselves grown up, and fantasize about weather they will be like mommy or maybe use mom's clothes to be something fabulous, like a model, super hero, etc. To make this more than what it is and cause an uproar is nothing more than an uber over protective mom trying to make someone look like a bad parent. She will learn one day when her children bust out of her little too tight cocoon and lose their minds with the instant freedom. Maybe she should loosen up the leash and remove the stick from her rear.


Kate has been perceived and shown to be a very negative and unhealthy person. On DWTS her personality was quite evident. For 8 years Kate has continued to keep herself, Jon and the kids in tabloid drama by doing these ridiculous behavior stunts. Posting the picture of Mady was nothing more and nothing less. She will get her adrenalin charge and cry woe is me as she has for 8 years. Do I have a right to express my negative opinion about Ms. Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, oh yea. Is this bullying, ABSOLUTELY NOT. It is expressing an opinion Kate does not like to hear.


Its just harmless fun. Don't make such a big deal out of it. The picture is about the shoes not the girl legs. Stop looking at it as inappropriate.. All children try on their parents shoes sometime in their life.


Kate is confused and does not seem to understand what bullying is. Kate seems to believe that bullying is when someone expresses a different opinion about her than she has. We all have a right to express our opinions. Many people have disliked Jon and Kate for years and are disgusted by their behaviors regarding their children. We certainly have a right to express a different opinion than Kate. If Kate has so many haters and gets criticized for her behaviors, then a logical person would not even post her children and would graciously step back. Kate is weird and I do not understand her infantile behaviors!

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