Karl Rove Jokingly Suggests Someone Should Murder Todd Akin; Senate Candidate Not Pleased

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The office of embattled Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) is pretty furious with GOP activist and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove.

For joking that Akin should be bumped off, obviously.

Businessweek reports that Rove spoke about Akin - who is facing calls to drop his bid for Missouri's U.S. Senate seat - at a GOP donors' breakfast in Tampa.

The site says Rove quipped to the audience: "We should sink Todd Akin. If he's found mysteriously murdered, don't look for my whereabouts!"


Akin's office issued a statement calling the quote "deeply disturbing," given that the FBI is investigating real threats following Todd Akin legitimate rape controversy.

He's vowing to stay in the race despite the criticism he's endured since suggesting rape victims rarely get pregnant because the body will "shut the whole thing down."

Many influential Republicans - Rove included - wish he would bow out, believing another candidate would have a better chance against incumbent Claire McCaskill.

Should Akin drop out of the race?


What a stupid, stupid thing to say. you don't joke about killing people, ever. Bill Nye had it right though. It's more fun to call them retarded an challenge them to a debate. Go Bill Nye the Science Guy!


Ya republicans love to kill everyone who disagrees with us that is why we love our guns .That is what makes America great yee haw .


Rove is the same individual that basically commited "treason" by exposing Valerie Plame - a CIA agent - in an effort to discredit and stop her husband Joe Wilson from writing about the false information George Bush and and his henchman Dick Cheney used to go to war in Iraq. This power drunk Republican A hole is capable of anything - including murder. Watch your back Akin.


Question is: What were the Missouri Republicans thinking when they picked this fool? So many more good Republicans they could have run for this senatorial position. This man does not reflect the common views of the party and is only a black eye to the GOP. Hopefully a dynamic Republican is willing to run Independent against this man and Claire M.---spice up the race and and defeat both of these other two candidates.


You left off the option for should he drop out...No and we can only hope he takes a few of the #GOP with him if he goes down in flames.


..........he had a bad youth?

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