Kanye West Raps to Mitt Romney: Pay Your Taxes!

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Poor Mitt Romney.

First, it comes out that Nicki Minaj is actually not voting for him in November. Now, in the track "To the World" (off the compilation album "Cruel Summer"), Kanye West takes a shot at the Republican nominee for President by hitting him where it counts:

In Romney's tax returns.

“Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax,” West decrees in a line from the single, following that quip with: “Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.”

Yes, again. We think he has a point he wants to make. Listen for yourself:

This isn't the only time West has been critical of someone running for office or already in the highest office in the land. He said George W. Bush doesn't care about black people during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

We wonder what Kim Kardashian thinks of this whole thing. Oh... right: Whatever her mother tells her to think.

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As the middle east unravels Obama is in Las Vega$ and ColoradO campaigning and this waste of human life is singing about taxes. Obama has made so many people ashamed to be an American. He apologizes for America when he's up and he hides when he is needed. His posture today looked like a whipped dog wanting to hide under an Oak Tree. He is spineless to the point where you don't even want to count on him and his media and his cult continue to protect him. He is a coward living in a fantasy world with the hopes that no one will ask him a question of substance. My country is no longer recognizable. It is not more than a shell with liberal maggots eating away at the inside.


Daina,that's great.Recommend a movie to help make a voting decision.I guess even conservatives like you are stupid enough to believe in hollywood movie magic.Don't forget that movies were also made about George W.Did you watch any of those and make your decisions?Did you forget about those movies just like you probably"forgot"the 8 year long mess that W left us with?BTW,I saw Pretty Woman but hookers don't usually end up with Richard Gere


I dare all of these liberal celebs to get some b*lls and watch "2016". (Ok, maybe parts could be a bit over Kayne's head, but his big-b*tted gf can explain those parts to him he simply can't grasp...with any LUCK!) If these celebs are truly secure individuals? They can handle the challenge this film offers every potential voter. You should be very sure before you pull that voting lever for Obama!


When these D-bag singers aren't trying to convert nursery rhymes to ebonic lyrics, since they never seem to get past a sixth grade education they bash politics, another thing they know ZERO about. I agree Kellie M he "Kanye" should STFU.. This crap coming from a guy I am certain couldn't balance a check book to save his black ass!!


Like that dipshit knows anything. He couldn't figure out a word to ryme with "taxes" so he just repeated the word. Eloquent.


.......white men can't jump?


well, I must suppprt him on thisone: MITT ROMNEY SUCKS ON LITERALLY ALL FRONTS!!


These celebs make it worse on America! Clooney, Arnold, Pitt, any body that pushes their politics I cannot enjoy their movies! Sorry but I agree.with Elvis " we are JUST entertainers! And I'll keep my opinion to myself" now, everytime I see dumb whore Scarlett all I think about is her politics...not her characters. DUMB! Same with the republicans either way they're killing their career with their narcissism


White Men > Black men :)


Kanye West, the same, retarded individual, who said, "Pesident Bush, don't like black people." After Katrina hit, New Orleans.