Kanye West Raps to Mitt Romney: Pay Your Taxes!

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Poor Mitt Romney.

First, it comes out that Nicki Minaj is actually not voting for him in November. Now, in the track "To the World" (off the compilation album "Cruel Summer"), Kanye West takes a shot at the Republican nominee for President by hitting him where it counts:

In Romney's tax returns.

“Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax,” West decrees in a line from the single, following that quip with: “Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.”

Yes, again. We think he has a point he wants to make. Listen for yourself:

This isn't the only time West has been critical of someone running for office or already in the highest office in the land. He said George W. Bush doesn't care about black people during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

We wonder what Kim Kardashian thinks of this whole thing. Oh... right: Whatever her mother tells her to think.

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@itallmakesense what the fuck is with u. You said shit about six times, what the hell is that about u fuckin pig. Do u turn arond an look at it after u go. Mayb play in it smeer it acros the wall. Fruckin freek


romney has hopefully paid his taxes in full. if he hasn't it will be near impossible to make free shit distributable. Obamacare is an ideal in which the specifics are yet to be disclosed but the appetite is still there for some free shit. unemployed citizens & illegals of course will not be expected to pay for this health no more than they are expected to pay income tax for blatant reasons but there is a bonus for those, it's called free shit. these people are in relation to those in the middle east. billions of dollars are sent to these people as they tear shit up but still the tax payer money is given and it could be used & as a result more free shit. instead of having commercials that say 16 cents will feed a child in Africa for a month why don't we just adopt a family across town and have our taxes pay for them some free shit. add a personal twist to it, like a sponsor of sorts, maybe get a 8x10 of the ones you sponsor for free shit.


I meant OBAMA hasn't come out to defend himself....!


@poisonapple Well, HELL yes I believe in Hollywood Magic! Obama's camp does! They schmooze those lib-turds and take their campaign dollars GLADLY! Btw, wrong username, sweetie....bad apple is a much better one for you!Oh, have ya noticed hasn't come out to defend himself regarding the FACTS in "2016" has he! OUCH!


White americans destroy america.they started slavery.they fear mexicans.they put japanese-americans in camps.they brought disease to america.they hate muslims.whites create hate cause they hate everyone so vote white romney and make hate live.


@ Monica E. Really trying to understand this from your vantage point. During tragedy people grieve & commiserate each other. Just not clear how a demonstration of grief in light of tragedy translates to weakness. It strikes me as human. Heads of state (first) are human beings. He's shown great courage in his approach to his job in my judgment. But I guess this is a moot point. It may have sounded that way but I wasn't suggesting your opinion had to do with race but (come on Monica) many on this station ARE negatively influenced by that. I don't think our country will implode. We just have to keep working on our relations till we get it right.


Showing of strength, that would have been a proper display of a President. The realization of the constitution and as it reads, the freedom of speech would also be appropriate when blaming a homemade film, on Islam. Clinton was comforting him and it was obvious. Is he weak along with being black? Could it be because he is black? Was he not black when he was voted in? I agree with you, you and many blacks will never be able to look beyond the color and this is the reason our country will be divided even up until it implodes. I hope you can live with voting for Obama. If all goes upside down in this country I will not have to say that I opened the door to this crippling of America by voting for him.


@ Monica E. Monica I don't understand your post. This was a deeply solemn occasion resulting from a tragedy. The American loss of life was tragic enough. Compound that with the families. How was Pres Obama supposed to act? Should he have rode in on a tricycle, licking an oversized lollipop? His behavior was in keeping with the tragedy of the event. He is a deeply sympathetic and benevolent father who cares about all of the Americans in his charge. For some, no matter what he does the interpretation will always be negative. ALWAYS!! I wonder why. Couldn't be because he's black....could it? OBAMA 2012!!!


Tanks A Lot:) Kanye. Romney needs to pay his taxes. Setting up offshore shelters to lower his tax rate. Its legal but he's still short changing his own country- the US-where his millions were made! Disgusting! With all the $$ he has you'd think he'd WANT to pay the same rate that the rest of us have to pay!! And this sneak is asking for our votes and hiding his tax statements at the same time. Well he won't get mine. You trollers love to talk about entitlements. What do you think of Romney's entitlement?! He doesn't have a clear plan of where he's gonna take this country either. Too busy hiding his money. I know which lever I'll be pulling. And I know why! OBAMA 2012!!


I as well, watched the 4 embassy people brought in caskets, to the ceremony. It was by far, the most bizarre thing I think I have ever seen. B.Obama walked in just before the start. Hillary Clinton walking behind him. He was walking slumped over like he wanted to be anywhere but there. His body language was that of a man defeated. She spoke 1st and said all the direct things about the event as he just stood behind her looking downward and mentally absent. She is still in denial as she spoke of the movie being the cause. After he finished they backed up and she reached for his hand as if to confort him. All that was missing was a Band Aid for his hurt feelings. Then she patted him on the back and as they walked to the seat he hugged her. I thought WTF, and realized they are only there to comfort each other for what they are having to do. It was shameful. For the love of God get these people out of office.