Kanye West on Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: That's My Girl!

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We take it all back about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, all those references about how this is a phony relationship concocted merely for the paparazzi.

Because the singer and reality star are clearly meant for each other. How do we know?

In a new just-released track, Kanye raps about the Kim Kardashian sex tape from 2003... with pride!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Soho

TMZ has obtained a copy of West's "Clique," which is off his upcoming album "Cruel Summer" and which includes the lyric:

Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.

In case there was any doubt that this is a reference to Kim's naked exploits with Ray J, consider the title of that work: Kim Kardashian Superstar.

So it looks like Kanye had it wrong. Kardashian is not his perfect bitch. She's his perfect porn bitch. May these two idiots live happily ever after.

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I like she shaves down there and was really into it. Nothing like letting your hair down no pun intended
Once u get that black thing u never go back knew the marriage wouldn't last no rhythm and u cant blame
A girl for comparing. Width length volume = friction= orgasm


Damn Kayne is fucking dumb. They are perfect together. I guess this is the century for whores and dumb asses to b in the spot light.


AND J Z. CLAN IS NOTHING BUT A DISEASE, AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. unless the authorities are afraid to do something..I


Exactly, that's so gross. Any REAL man and boyfriend who truly caes about you would never say that!


Messed up or not it's her life! It should be obvious to every one by now that the girl prefers chocolate over vanilla. I like chocolate every now in then just for a change but I mostly stick with vanilla.


Poor Kim. After her dad died, they all went nuts! She needs a man in her life so badly, she consistently picks just anyone black to fill it. Not a real man. Not a giving, loving person. Just a black man...everyone knows how coo coo Kanye is. And he made a clothing line, and then dissed New Yorkers into buying it? It's sad really : ( Another big wedding, another nasty, but forever, bitter divorce.. Kim, I like you, for some reason.. He will not only beat you and curse you, but HE'LL RAP ABOUT IT--OMG KIM, RUNNNNNNN


Her Majesty, you jealous boo boo? Her movie and looks made her a millionaire, AND???? Don't hate because you're stuck saying "paper or plastic" and settling for the next pizza face burger flipper that comes around who thinks of Kim while you two have sex. HAHAHAHAHA!!!


Wow . . . How does ur man praise you for sleeping with another man? What exactly are kanyes intention for kim? This is a majour sighn of sum1 who just wants to use, abuse, and ditch a woman, kim is stupid for not seing ths and kanye is stupid for displaying his stupidity, i guess she desearvs to be decieved what a waste!

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