Justin Bieber Wants to Prove People Wrong

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Justin Bieber was recently offered a minor league hockey contract, but the superstar is likely gonna stick to this singing thing, thank you very much.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest on The Today Show this morning, Bieber talked about his career to date and where he hopes it will go in the near future. Are you listening, haters?

"I don't wanna be another teen heartthrob because that just annoys me... to think that's what people will think of me," said the 18-year old. "I just want to prove people wrong."

Justin Bieber with Ryan Seacrest

That's been Bieber's motivation on his new album, which includes such mature fare as "Boyfriend" and "As Long as You Love Me." He's excited about the feedback he's received so far.

"I think hearing older people say, 'Wow, this new album's great, I didn't know that was Justin Bieber,' or 'As Long as You Love Me', that's Justin Bieber singing?' I like those reactions because I feel like they're judging me on my music and not based on a flick of my hair because that's not what I want."

What DOES Bieber want? He made it very clear: "I haven't won a Grammy," he told Seacrest.

Think it'll never happen, critics? Come on. Hasn't Justin taught you anything about saying that word.


do you want to go out justinbeiber


Very Proud of you ( :
I miss yall' so much.


So freakin true.Very few child singers have hits after they get into their 30s.Mj ,Janet,Madonna and Whitney were the greats to survive teen-years and cont. to make hits.Godluck JB.


His cuteness will fade and the career will too-like new kids,backstreet and nysync.


Now that am nineteen i am over Justin. His last album was ok but he will be another kid throb. He has no longetiuy like Mc,Madonna,Janet, and Tim.


Superb..!!:):) i lov ur songs..! Keep rocking..:)


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