Justin Bieber Throws Up on Stage!

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On the first stop of his "Believe" tour in Glendale, Arizona, Justin Bieber gave fans a show to remember.

By vomiting on stage!

The teenage sensation grew sick on two different occasions, leaving the stage each time and apologizing to the crowd. But they still cheered Justin non-stop, even when he was forced to bend over and recycle his lunch.

Watch the unfortunate incident take place below and Selena Gomez, please get some chicken soup ready:


hahaha lip sync!!!!
Or is he some kind of superman that can sing at the same time as throwing up?


i feel so happy that he u know on the u know he is gay


everybody has a right to get sick...so, get well soon...


hahaha, serves him right for thinking hes cool even though he is so gay, tbh he sounds lyk a girl and he just got squekier!!!


I feel so so so so so bad


.......this could be a signalof "Too Much"?


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Poor kid


Payed to hear him sing and he was lip-sync if only he hadn't of vomited i would never of know


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