Justin Bieber Holds Fake Gun in Photo, Stirs Controversy

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Did Justin Bieber act irresponsibly when posing in a new Twit pic with his father and girlfriend Selena Gomez?

Many believe so, and many are demanding an apology for the singer. Here's why:

As you can see in the photo, Bieber (on the set of Gomez's new movie, Feed the Dog) is holding a fake gun from the film up against a man's side.

Justin Bieber Prop Gun Pic

In light of the recent Aurora, Colorado and Empire State Building shootings, some consider this to be a horrible, disrespectful misstep for the artist.

"Guns are on everyone's mind as a serious crisis in Canada and the United States. Everyone, that is, except maybe Justin Bieber," wrote a jornalist from Canada's Globe and Mail.

What do you think of the prop and the pose? Sound off now:


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Hilton hater get ur facts right. Datz nt his dad.


I think this was a really poor choice. Not because of the recent shooting incidents, but because of the children who watch him. They want to do what he does, and he has to make better choices than this.
The shootings, I will continue to say, we're not the guns' fault. It was the fault of the idiots who did the shootings. If someone in the crowd had concealed carry weapon with them, they could have shot the guy before he killed so many. Guns don't kill, people do.


Oh calm the heck down! ... People are acting as though guns never existed. Its a damn prop give the kid a break ...


That's not his father.. Lol stop assuming when you don't even know the full story.


Real gun or not, Bieber should be more responsible!....he has younger fans, and we are trying to bring up a crime free generation!


Didnt know dumb little beliebers had awards! I wasn't aware that they were being recognized for any contribution to society. Go away little girl. Bieber likes the dick. Soon enough there will be a raunchy sex tape leak of him and one of the One Direction guys.


omfg..that's not his father..oh god..


It's clearly a fake gun. He is young, he's dumb. Get over it. You say he's a gay, immature, un talented singer? Sorry I can't hear you over all the awards.


God he is such a child. What the hell is appealing about this immature teenager. He has to be stupid if he thinks anyone will think this is appropriate. (except for most of his idiotic followers) Hes just looking for some attention the way most immature ass teens do.