June Shannon to Honey Boo Boo Haters: Bring It!

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June Shannon may not come across as the sharpest knife in almost any drawer, but the matriarch on Here Comes Honey Boo can at least do some basic math.

So while the criticism against TLC, this series and the family at its center may grow stronger by the week, the ratings do the same.

Indeed, "for every person that's hating on us, there's three people that love us," Shannon tells TMZ when asked about her critics. "It's weird that haters know more about our show than our amazing fans."

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Shannon believes "a lot of people relate to" the Thompsons, a unit comprised of six-year old Alana, her three sisters and Alana's biological father, Mike.

But not many out there can relate to the salary this family rakes in for each episode. Shannon has shot down reports that put her weekly take-home at $4,000 and simply says in this latest interview:

"We're very well compensated."

How do you feel about the Thompsons?


This is a sign of our times. It's sad TLC doesn't have learning programs anymore. Why does our govt want us to be so stupid? This is unbelievable. I hope this isn't the wave of the future- mindless and obviously ppl watch it and it makes money. Even history channel just has reality shows anymore... Sad.


Ken you make some good points, but if you disapprove so strongly of this type of media, maybe you should get off the gossip site and listen to NPR instead.


fat slug. did she eat that baby pig that i am hearing about? she probably didn't even kill it first. probably ate it in front of the kid


Out of space but you get the idea.


Omg i swear all these haterz r soo stupid like i always say it if u hate them soo much y the f*** do u even read the stuff about them n waste ur time writing your comments you guys jus hate because they make a gooooood living jus bein themselves.... I love this show n i watch it everytime who cares if they live the way they do thts jus hw they like it i love lil alana n i think shes soooo cute n i think her mom is soooo funny... u go honey boo boo dnt let these haterz make u n ur family stop being how funny yal r


@Ken1 THANK YOU! I agree! You buy a pool but dont fix the sink????? They just look slovenly. I dont care if they take a bath and wash their hair in the sink. She didnt mention how often that happens though......
And do they not hear how uneducated they sound? They may think its cute to make up words but they just sound like morons!
People say how funny they are but to me its not funny, its just disgusting


Well now - if you have snoose dripping from the corners of your mouth and gathering in your beard. If you have a ring of dirt collecting under the jowls you can't be bothered to wipe away. If you have a pail under your kitchen sink instead of going and buying $15 worth of plumbing pipe. If you belch, fart and sneeze mid sentence - without covering, those are all Lifestyle and Home training. Just One Grunt From The Cave aren't you? Wash your face, wipe your jowls, brush your hair and maybe read up on Pro Biotics and the marvels of Yogurt to control your bodily expulsions. Oh yeah: learn the language of the land you reside in.

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