Judge to Amanda Bynes: Keys. NOW.

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Amanda Bynes has finally, officially been taken off the road.

Well, she's been ordered to get off it by a judge at least.

The 26-year-old, whose license was suspended following two hit-and-runs and a DUI bust this year, but who was seen smoking drugs and driving around aimlessly earlier this week, was ordered by L.A. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel not to drive.

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Sunday, the former child star was pulled over by L.A. police officers when her headlights weren't on, but she was not asked to show her (suspended) license.

Police are not required to ask for it in all situations.

At a hearing Wednesday, the District Attorney's Office asked the judge to address the issue of Bynes' driver's license, as the suspension hasn't stopped her.

The D.A. informed Bynes' attorney, who initially denied that the license was in fact suspended, that her license does come up as such in official DMV records.

Now that her legal representative has been fully informed, there's zero excuse for her driving going forward and doing so would likely result in her arrest.

Maybe Amanda and Lindsay Lohan can go halvsies on a chauffeur?

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Things she can share w/Lindsay: Jail Cell, group in rehab. visit to hospital, or morgue, mug shots, lawyers phone numbers, going through windshield, getting ass scraped off of highway. Unemployment (because no one in their right mind wants to be bothered w/either one any more) people asking what ever happened to those two they seemed to be so talented.I think I saw one pushing a shopping cart the other night. If your talent & lives are suppose to be that great then why are you both so screwed up. Hollywood really thinks that they speak for the rest of the US. Really?


I can not do patience her any pain


Another idiot from Hollywood, with every excuse in the book for why she did something stupid!!!!!!!!


Very sad. She was such a wholesome, great comedic actress, and I would love to know what happened to put her in such a lost place. I hope she gets her act together, she is too young to be such a mess.


You know what Natasha, you're absolutely right! I'm just glad this poor girl is at least off the road and nolonger able to harm anyone. As for when she's at home, who knows. In Hollywood if you're famous and known to be a classic trainwreck I.E. Lindsay Lohan, and the ultimate Tara Reid ,people in that business just offer you drugs freely whether you ask for them or not. I still feel bad for her though and I hope that she gets the help she needs.


Illuminati.....cut these snakes off..n they will show u just who runs the show....mk ultra monarch programming not workin anymore eh?... im sure she is sick n tired of that sick demonic place called HOLLYWEIRD... wake up ppl n stop walkin around with ur eyes wide SHUT.....