Jessica Espinoza Goes Pink for X Factor Audition

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Jessica Espinoza is only 22 years old. She's unemployed. She grew up in difficult, poor circumstances on the south side of San Antonio.

In other words: this hopeful definitely possessed the sort of sympathetic backstory producers look for on The X Factor. But could she provide the vocals that would take her to the next round?

You tell us, THG readers: Watch Espinoza belt out a version of Pink's "Nobody Knows" and decide if you'd want to see more of her on the Fox competition...

How would you compare Espinoza to a pair of other Wednesday evening standouts, CeCe Frey and Diamond White?


LOVE this girl. Has raw talent and real emotion. She's not a karaoke singer. I'm behind her all the way.


She used to sing at six flags fiesta Texas, and look at her now!!!! Congrats!!!!


This girl rocked the stage with her brilliant, intimate, and inspirational vocals. As a vocalist myself from the South-side of San Antonio as well, I definitely want too see more of Jessica's vocal abilities. GOOD LUCK to her and many Blessings.


She is in the proper age zone for a female to develop paranoid schizophrenia.

@ Ken1

Ken1, you are an idiot.. Jessica is amazing! always knew she would get up there and known. X-factor or not, she deserves the chance to be heard. love you Jessica! :)