Jersey Shore Season 6 Trailer: The End of a GTL Era

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MTV recently announced that Jersey Shore is canceled after the coming sixth season, but that doesn't mean the gang won't go out with a GTL-filled bang.

It'll just be a more poignant one, given recent circumstances.

The Jersey Shore Season 6 trailer below offers a sneak peek of the beginning of the end. What can we expect from the Seaside swan song? Take a look ...

Much of the final Jersey Shore season will clearly focus on Snooki's pregnancy as well as the new Situation, who returns from rehab a new, sober man.

Expect plenty of reminiscing as well. The teaser shows that the last summer takes on new meaning given the show's end and the gang's evolving lives.

Will l'il Lorenzo Dominic make an appearance? Will Pauly and Vinny finally declare their undying love for one another? What kind of drama will Mike start?

We'll all find out Thursday, October 4 on MTV. You watching?


watching the commercials and ads for the final season of js is pretty depressing!! I don't care what anybody says this show was great entertainment and the characters were real ppl and cool as a mfr so for you fakes out there that claiming they don't fuck with js, stop fronting cuz you know damn well you gonna be tuned in on october 4th just like every other season. I'm a keep it 100 and tell you im gonna miss you all esp pauly and vinny (tears)


I hope u guys don't give up on the show it cool and u guidos and guidettes r my rolemodles fist pump oh yea ;)