Jael Strauss, America's Next Top Model Contestant Turned Meth Addict, Featured on Dr. Phil

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Jael Strauss finished fifth on Cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model, remaining in the competition despite a close friend dying of a drug overdose during filming.

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    Shes white and on meth no suprise whitefolks love that crystal meth.


    Tyra atleast has given de girls some platform after that it's up 2dem 2fight,build their careers nd lives. She can't spoon feed dem 4ever, their future's in their own hands. Thanks tyra.


    Actually, "models" that come from that show are actually often laughed at and considered below mediocre. Only but a few have really been successfull, Toccarra has had a plentifull career but thats about it. Tyra employed a few others on her talk show and a few went on to do some low budget commercials (Like Bre). But as far as serious modeling careers, no. Not that I personally ever seen as far as mags or even fashion shows I attended.


    "null" is ME!!

    Why it ended up having that as my user name here I dont know. I selected "remember my info". Anyways, sorry I had to post the way I did.Bit confusing to read,I know. Due to the charactor limits and the fact that I had SO MUCH to say,I ended up breaking it down like that and started from the bottom of my comment to the top instead of vice versa , so now, it reads backwards.Oh well.Human error. *shrugs*


    Do yall credit Tyra with Toccarra's success? NO! So dont fault her for Jaels downfall!!

    I'd like to end this with saying, Jael, honey, U can get back on the right track, and, you will! I believe you have a great and warm energy about yourself and will not accept this as being your permanent lifestyle. Be well.

    @ null

    slut slut slut slut


    She ALWAYS has to be right about everything, she has a habit of patronizing her guests and she always, I repeat ALWAYS ends up making whatever topic ABOUT HER HER HER HER HER!!! Me me me me me me me is the Tyra Banks way!! I cannot stand those charactor defects in that bitch, but, even with that being said, I gotta be fair, this has nothing to do with Tyra and she is not to be held accountable, liable, responsible for any of the girls wrong paths nor does she have ANY obligation to even speak to them much less help. She IS NOT their manager! She did not birth them!! Damn yall!!


    No where in their contract does it say "I Tyra Banks will be held accountable for piss poor life decesions U may make after the show and I Tyra Banks will do everything in my power to put your life back on track to make it easier for you"

    Im sure of it....


    That's really sad.. but I'm not shocked at all that Tyra doesn't give any guidance. She's all in it for ratings & money. She's money hungry. Oprah genuinely wants to help people.. I don't get that impression from Tyra Banks AT ALL.


    She always seemed like white trash. Isn't she the one that got dumped in a pool by Fifty cent? Isn't she the one whose friend died of an overdose? She was always in that drug culture and it was obvious to me. Further, Tyra is fake, it's all about the show and ratings for her. That show has nothing to do with modeling. I sincerely doubt any of those girls, including the winners really go on to major modeling careers after they leave the show and Tyra knows it.


    I dnt c how tyra is to blame every girl that has been on antm should consider it a blessing!!!!bt u know what?? Iv always thought that a blessing is when preparation meets opportunity tyra gave her the opportunity jael just wasent prepare!!!!

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