Happy 29th Birthday, Pippa Middleton!

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Lord of the Arsetocracy, Queen of the Booty, Her Royal Hotness and the UK's #1 eligible Bachelorette, Philippa Charlotte "Pippa" Middleton turns 29 today.

Pip, Pip Hooray!

Consumers of celebrity gossip could be forgiven for thinking it was she, not older sister Kate Middleton, who married into the royal family in 2011.

Ever since she walked into Westminster Abbey, Pippa Middleton has become a fascination of the news media on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Pippa Middleton at the US Open

The younger Middleton's good looks (her derriere especially) and high-society lifestyle have inspired countless tabloid reports, as well as Facebook fan pages.

Yes, Kate Middleton may be a real duchess, but Pippa is gossip royalty.

Is she dating Spencer Vegosen? It's unclear, but her every move continues to spark rumors, and until she's off the market, we don't expect that to change.

Almost always happy and smiling, seemingly unfazed by the craze she creates, Pippa still works for her parents' company Party Pieces, and lives in London.

Here's a little gallery we put together in honor of her special day:

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  • Pretty Pippa Middleton
  • Pippa Makeup
  • Pippa Middleton Makeup
  • Pippa Middleton Face
  • Pippa Middleton's Dress
  • Pippa Middleton, Trench Coat
  • Stylish Pippa
  • Pippa Middleton Booty
  • Pretty Pippa
  • Hot Pippa Middleton Pic
  • Pippa Middleton at the Royal Wedding
  • Pippa Middleton Dress
  • Gorgeous Pippa
  • Pippa Middleton Dress
  • Pippa Middleton in Green
  • Kate and Pippa Middleton Photo
  • Pippa in Plaid
  • Pippa Middleton Short Skirt
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Pippa Middleton Biography

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Pippa Middleton is the sister of Kate Middleton. Kate married Prince William in April 2011, but it's her younger sister who's getting... More »
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