Grindr to Paris Hilton: You're a Moron, and Doug Reinhardt is Totally Gay

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The popular gay men's social network / meetup site referenced in Paris Hilton's anti-gay comments has Tweeted a response ... and it's pretty hilarious.

If you missed it, Paris was secretly recorded in a cab with a gay male friend, going off on how gays are horny, disgusting and probably AIDS infected.

Seriously. In context, she was referring only to those who use Grindr.

Grindr tweeted at her after the clip leaked, writing, "Frankly, we're surprised that you hadn't heard about Grindr sooner, given some of the guys you date."

The site then links, amusingly, to a similar version of this photo:


This would be Paris and her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt at a 2009 costume party, with Doug dressed like a ... we don't even know, but well played, Grindr.

Paris Hilton's exact quote about Grindr was that "Gay guys are the horniest people in the world ... they're disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS."

No word if Grindr also plans on linking to pics of Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos.


Did they diss their own kind? LOL,,, they are pretty gross no doubt.


Horney, disgusting probably aids infected, hmm sounds like her and all her friends, thought she was dead, dam


I'd just about rathersniff a dog butt than pay attention to a single thing ever stated by this useless, mouth-breathing bag of flesh.Who in hell would ever bother to even listen to this idiot?And who is she to talk about people being horny and having STDs when her rise to "fame" was dependent on a horribly done sex tape, and let us not forget her love of emerging open-legged and without underwear from an automobile for the benefit of the paps, her various drug busts, her drunkeness,and all her other questionable behavior. It's bad when Lindsay Lohan looks like a model of restraint by way of comparison. Sorry, Paris, you are just not relevant or even slightly useful at all.You are a waste of space, Paris Hilton, not to mention a frightfully stupid thing.


Is there actually someone in the known universe who cares what Paris Hilton "thinks" about anything. News flash, Paris--gay guys don't like you either!


Does anyone remember about 5 years ago when Paris was repeatedly photographed with herpes meds? Seems to me that she of all people shouldn't be accusing others of having AIDS when she has an STD herself. SHE is the disgusting one, not to mention incredibly ignorant. Kinda funny how Grindr called out Doug...he probably is gay!


Who cares about this gay guys and what they think. If Paris was childish by sayin those words, they are also childish by retaliating in this manner. Stupid gay guys!!!


Who cares. Fucking no one.

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