Gorilla Carries Toddler, Plays With Her Like Doll in Amazing Viral Video

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Conservationist Damian Aspinall let his 18-month old girl play with a 300-pound gorilla and filmed it. That dangerous situation turned out to be kind of cute, actually.

The video, shot 22 years ago, was kept private because he feared a public backlash. Now that more than two decades have passed, the activist said that he wanted to release the video to show that gorillas can be very gentle creatures:

Aspinall has worked with and studied gorillas for decades and was therefore confident that his daughter would not be harmed. Still, more than a few people are criticizing the activist for the video of letting the gorilla carry and play with his toddler.

His defense? That the wild animals knew him so well, it wasn't even a concern:

“The reality is that I was brought up with gorillas and my family was brought up with gorillas ... if you’re accepted into the family then it really isn’t risky at all.”

His Aspinall Foundation works to return gorillas to the wild.

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A gorilla is not a monkey, but a Great Ape.......big difference! Gorilla prides have "accepted" humans after spending long periods of time in their presence. These animals are smart caring creatures; why wouldn't the child be safe.


Lobo is not ignorant. That's true a woman had her freaking face ripped off for crying out loud. So when the dad says ," These monkeys are like family.." that's what the lady said. Iven though the monkey was kind it was a very risky and STUPID move .


Sadly it's thinking like Lobo that has doomed the human race to it's own extinction.


I would bite my mother too if she didn't fight tooth and nail to keep the state from taking me and putting me in a cage.....


Lobo..... careful, your ignorance is showing.


Just a few years ago, a woman was savagely attacked by a 14 year old chimp that was raised from birth by a woman. "like a son". the woman was the chimps' owners best friend who knew the chimp well. Wild is wild. This family was lucky. And stupid.