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All of this is such bullshit!!!!! I agree with Kellie...Jamie Kuntz DEFINITELY has a case/lawsuit!!!!! Here it is 2012 and football is S-T-I-L-L a homophobic and hypocritical sport!!!!! And that teammate that snitched on Jamie couldn't wait to snitch on Jamie. That teammate=HOMOPHOBIC SNITCH!!!!! And that Chuck Parsons coach/dude is nothing but a HOMOPHOBIC DIRTBALL!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, football coaches only care about their own salaries and winning championships. Jamie Kuntz...STAY STRONG...JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!


How ridiculous. So would he have been kicked off if he had kissed a girl? No. They are nothing but homophobic jerks! I'd say he has a lawsuit. People have got to learn to be accepting, period! Enough of the BS! It doesn't matter if he lied, it is none of their business who he was with or who he kissed!!!


i agree....it's because he's gay...and i'm guessing the team mate that saw them, wasn't a friend...even still....had he told the truth...they STILL would have kicked him off the team.



There's almost a 50 year gap in their ages; what on earth could they have in common?


Yeah i have to agree it probably isnt because he lied. If he would have said straight out it was his boyfriend, they would have found another reason why that wasnt allowed and still kicked him off. You cant tell me hes the only kid on the team who ever lied to his coach. "no coach i dont ever drink" or whatever.


I feel really bad for this guy. It's the team's loss. Judgmental, closed minded people. It wasn't because he lied, it's because he's gay. So sad. It really bothers me that people treat other people differently just because of their sexual orientation. WHO CARES. Really, is it affecting you that much bc someone else is gay. Gimme a break..What are you afraid of? That he's gonna want you too? Get over yourselves. It's 2012, times have changed but some people are still stuck in their ways. Everyone is different. That's what makes the world interesting. If everyone was the same it would be so boring!

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